Consumption of Cannabis: Different Methods to Do It


There are more ways to consume cannabis than just smoking it. If you have figured out your way to
choose the right kind of cannabis products then now it's time to learn about the different methods in
which you can consume these products.

While cannabis UK and in several other countries around the world is not entirely legalized, people use
it for varied purposes. The right kind of consumption method for depends on the
product that you have bought in the first place.
So, basically there are four methods to use and consume and these are – inhalation,
sublingual, oral and topical. Continue to read till the end to learn more about these consumption

1.    Inhalation

Inhalation is the most common method for the use and consumption of . This method allows
all of the compounds including the primary psychoactive constituent THC, to get absorbed
into the bloodstream via the lungs.
The period between the inhalation and the cnnabis compounds affecting the brain is almost instant.
Therefore, if you are looking for a way to get high immediately then this is the method you should go
Inhalation method is achieved in two ways primarily – Smoking and Vaping.
Smoking is basically done by lighting the cannabis flower and inhaling its smoke. There are a number
of ways to smoke . These are water pipes, pipes, blunts and joints.
Vaping is another inhaling method of consumption. Today, vaping has grown to become a
popular consumption method, all thanks to the number of technologically advanced devices
introduced in the market.
Here, the vaping device is used to concentrate the cannabis flower just below the point of combustion
or it is heated. This converts the cannabis compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids into vapor.
This vapor is inhaled and enjoyed for recreational purposes.

2.   Sublingual

Sublingual refers to under the tongue and that is exactly how cannabis is consumed in this method.
The product which is used for this method of cannabis consumption is either cannabis oil or cannabis
tincture (cannabis infused alcohol).
The user does not need to swallow the product as it naturally gets absorbed under the tongue
where it is put. You can get the effects of this method in as soon as 20 minutes.
This method does not alter any of the cannabis compounds and in fact helps in preventing any first
pass impact on the liver. The dropper used for following the sublingual cannabis consumption
method helps you in taking the right dose of tincture or cnnabis oil.

3.   Oral

The sublingual method can also be considered as an oral way of consumption. However, the true oral
method of consumption may also require chewing and swallowing the product.
Edibles are the most common products for oral consumption. Here, usually a cannabis-
infused edible product is taken and the digestive tract does all the work of absorbing the
Generally, you can get your hands on edible gummies, baked goods or beverages for oral consumption.
Since, it takes time for the digestive tract to breakdown the food components, the onset of the
cannabis effect takes time.
Compared to other consumption ways, edible oral consumption takes the most time for
effects. It takes about twenty to even three hours for the onset of cnnabis effects.
However, edibles are the most enjoyable way to consume cannabis as you can infuse the products in
your favourite edible item and munch on it easily.

4.   Topical

Topical is not a highly invasive consumption method for cannabis as in this method, the user does not
directly consume the product. The topical method involves applying the infused oil, lotion
or cream on a certain body area for its soothing effect.
This method does not involve any psychoactive effects unlike other consumption methods. People
suffering from sore muscles, inflammation or any sort of skin condition can find respite from the use
of topical method of cannabis consumption.

Just make sure that the products that you are purchasing are authentic with no impurities or
toxic substances mixed in it. There are many scamming companies that sell fake products for
earning profits.
Buy the best quality Cannabis UK products and choose the ideal consumption method.


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