The 5 Best Watersports To Do This Summer


As the summer approaches many people will choose to spend time at their local lake or beach.
For some this may involve relaxing on a beach blanket just reading a book. For others, they’ll
want to get active and take up a watersport. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best watersports to
participate in this summer.

1. Surfing
Surfing is still the most popular watersport the world over and for good reason. The thrill one
gets standing up and riding the power of a wave is truly magical. If you’d like to learn to surf this
summer then be sure to find a local beach where they offer surf lessons and rentals. Surfing can
be quite difficult to learn for some people and perseverance is paramount if you want to master
this sport.
2. Kitesurfing
Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world. It’s quite expensive to get into
so you may want to start off by renting a kitesurf. We also advise taking lessons rather than
teaching yourself as it is quite a technical sport.
The only tricky thing about kitesurfing is that it requires a decent wind strength to be feasible to
do. This means that in some tropical countries which don’t get much wind, kitesurfing sadly may
not be an option
3. Skimboarding
Skimboarding is a watersport that requires quite a high level of skill. In order to do it properly
you’ll need to be fit and be able to run fast. To get started you’ll need to run as fast as you can
toward the waters edge. As you get to the waters edge you’ll need to drop the skimboard on the
water and stand on it.
From here be prepared to glide along the water for as long as possible before running out of
speed. Professional skimboarders will skim into oncoming waves, turn the board and then surf
the wave back to the beach.
4. Kayaking
Kayaking is a great way to explore your local lake or beach area. Kayaking allows you to cover
a great distance in a short period of time. You could find yourself paddling through mangrove
swamps or directly above sublime coral reefs.

Sometimes you may even be lucky enough to come across a pod of dolphins. Kayaks are
expensive to own and difficult to store and transport. We advise finding a local shop which rents
out kayaks in walking distance of a lake or beach. Another fun activity is to take a guided kayak
tour where your guide will be able to show you the hidden secrets of your local coastline or lake.
5. Water trampolining
This is one of the less well known watersports because it’s a relative newcomer. Water
trampolines haven’t been around for all that long, but since entering the public domain have
surged in popularity. They’re an incredibly popular water toy to have on a lake or marina and
can provide hours of non-stop fun for the whole family. Like the name says, a water trampoline
is literally a floating trampoline which allows people to jump up and down and also into the



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