Impact of internet on Teenagers


Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life whatever their age, profession, and field is. All of us are using internet for their works or refreshment. Every person is using internet to fulfill their needs & requirements, to solve their problems or for refreshment purposes. Teenagers are considered as the biggest users of the internet. Where internet has many advantages, it also contributes some negative impacts in Teenagers life. Similarly their parents don’t have any idea that which type of the content  is using their children on internet, so they are also worried. Parents must consider what content their kids are seeing. So we will discuss the impacts of internet use on the minds of teenagers.

Some negative impacts: 

Teenagers are now become addicted to the use of internet more than the recommended time. We must discourage the Teenagers for stopping them to the excess use of internet. The addiction of internet is very bad in some ways. Teenagers got the addiction of using different social media apps for networking with other people on internet. They came across every kind of content on internet. They start watching the adult content. They get addicted to the Porn content. 

As a result of this, we don’t need to say that by the excess use of internet the academic grades of students are largely affected by it. Internet will also affect the social skills. On the other hand, those students who spend very little time on internet are likely to be good in studies. They also have good bonds with their friends and relatives because they spend less time on internet and more with their families. 

Those students who spend most of their time on internet and other social media apps, they lose interest in studies. Their performance starts declining in schools. They also have weak bond with their families and friends. These students will be judged by their marks in society. They will lose their self confidence. 

New internet users take it as an entertainment. They explore different new things. They start exploring new things such as new websites, latest contents, and their favorite celebrities. All this will have a long lasting impression on their mind. It will stay forever, in their later life. 

Teenagers get into relationships with completely unknown people on internet. It will leave a very bad impact on their young minds.  It will also affect their social and academic life. 

Positive impacts:

However, internet also has some positive effects as well. Students can get help in their studies. They can collect a lot of information regarding their studies. Teenagers will stay updated with the latest information about everything happening around them in the world. 

Coming to an end, we can conclude that internet is not a bad thing at all until we use it in a control way. It is good for teenagers as well. Teenagers should take advantage of internet in their studies. However, they should not turn the internet into an addition because as we know excess of everything is bad. Internet surely helps students in their studies but it is not a basic necessity at all. 


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