How to raise a hand in zoom?


As with the advancement of zoom technology and increase in the pandemic when everything has shifted to online system the usage in the social app is becoming common. 

Zoom app is also significantly trending these days, where many people use this platform for the meeting. Even now, there is online class communication between teachers and students.

Now the question comes up in the mind that if some want to ask a question from the teacher or mentor’s concerned topic, how to raise a hand in zoom?

It would be best if you got sure on a specific topic when you are going to ask something. There are some prominent features offered by the zoom app, the most highlighted among them magnified as follows:

  • You are allowed to raise your hand virtually to ask something like a question, comment or any query.
  • It is for everyone host, and the participants.
  • It is not for a limited time. You can use it whenever you want without having any issue or problem. 
  • You can install the app both on the desktop and iPhone
  • The one who installed it on pc or windows then press Alt+Y for this unique feature
  • For the people who have installed the application on the mobile phone, you can quickly raise your hand in zoom by clicking on the option or ‘more’ tab
  • You can also pull your hand down if you have asked the question simply by clicking on the ‘lower hand.’

How to raise a hand in zoom on Pc or Mac?

Suppose someone has just installed the zoom app for meeting purposes or any class on the pc or mac. So, you do not need to worry because there are no long-term procedure or tactics to follow to raise a hand in zoom.

Using the zoom app on the desktop or mac is quite convenient, and if you want to ask about something essential or place an argument, you must know about this unique feature given by the zoom app.

You provided full features for your facility. You are coming to the point if you are concerned to know how to raise your hand in zoom? Then might see a ‘raise hand’ written on the side of the ‘Participants’ tab.

How to raise your hand on the zoom app whether you are using android or iPhone?

Many people feel it more convenient to use the social application on a mobile phone. There is no massive difference in the installation of the zoom app in android or iPhone.

Some of the few steps illustrated as follows if you want to know how to raise your hand in zoom? The most prominent among them magnified as follows:

  • Then when you are using the zoom app on the mobile phone, there is three horizontal dots icon, and you must click on them.
  • After that, it is labelled ‘More’ in the right bottom corner of your mobile phone screen.
  • You can pop up at the bottom of the screen. You must tap on ‘Raise hand.’
  • It will allow the organizer to know and alert him that you are willing to ask something from the teacher or the host.

After that, during the meeting, if you want to know about the essential feature of how many people have raised a hand in the forum, you might click on the screen.

Final Verdict

After the detailed discussion about different aspects to know how to raise a hand in zoom app? I hope that now you are well familiar with the highlighted features of it.

In the online aspect, there are a bundle of benefits and unique features provided by this app running for the convenience of people. Therefore, you might know how easy it is as a fundamental aspect that made for your convenience.

So, if you want to follow specific aspects of using the app, you should not worry because it is free from any other doubt or inconvenience. There is no long-term procedure for doing it.

Hence as with the increase in science and technology, you must have the proper knowledge to enjoy the benefits provided by such social apps and thus enhance your knowledge system without any problem. 



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