Yamaha Dirt Bikes: What’s The Best For You?

Yamaha dirt bike

We’re going to look at what Yamaha has to offer, which dirt bike is right for you, and why choosing the right dirt bike is so important. My experience with Yamaha dirt bikes spans over a dozen years of ownership, so you don’t just get random information from me.

Choosing the Right Dirt Bike

It can be fun and intimidating to choose a dirt bike to start out on due to not knowing enough information about which dirt bikes are best for you. Let me help you out if you’re a beginner so that you don’t start dirt biking with the wrong bike. Whether they didn’t know any better, or their friend recommended it, new riders make the biggest mistake by choosing a dirt bike that’s too big and powerful. Beginner bikes shouldn’t be outgrown too soon, especially if safety is of utmost concern. You’re more likely to learn proper riding techniques and build your skills on a dirt bike that’s ‘slower’ and lower than an enduro bike that has 300 or 450 horsepower.  

Which Dirt Bike Size is Right For You?

How big should your dirt bike be? You will get better as you gain more balance skills, which will make the dirt bike’s height less important. I recommend starting on a dirt bike with a lower seat height if you are a beginner, especially if you are short.  As you learn to ride off-road, you will feel much more confident if you can touch the ground. Please refer to this size chart for guidance, but your inseam will also play a role.

Beginner Trail Bikes From Yamaha

Besides being great for beginners, trail motorcycles are great for casual trail riding or just cruising around the farm. Having a bike like this is a great way to teach friends and family how to ride. They are reliable, durable, easy to maintain, and just plain practical. 

Kids and adults can choose from these Yamaha trail bikes:

  • PW50
  • TTR50E
  • TTR110Ea


For little kids looking for their first dirt bike, the PW50 is a perfect choice. So many off-road riders started their passions there after catching the riding bug there. Peewee 50 dirt bikes are very popular, so why is that? From one of the best motorcycle companies out there, it’s the smallest, lightest, and easiest dirt bike to ride. Most 3-6-year-olds will be able to ride this bike. 


Do you need something with a little more height or semi-automatic transmission for your child? Its ease of use and electric start makes it the second best choice since kickstarts are not required. Based on how tall a child is, this dirt bike is great for children aged 5-7. 


A big selling point of Yamaha’s ‘pit bike’ is that it does not have a clutch. The TTR110 is the best choice for your kid if he’s outgrown his 50 but is not ready for a clutch-equipped dirt bike. A four-speed transmission makes riding it easy, and it has an electric start. As with all Yamaha TTR engines, this one is smooth, quiet, and reliable.

Yamaha dirt bikes for sale at the best price

Don’t have the budget for a brand new dirt bike, but you’re interested in buying your first. Cheap used Yamaha dirt bikes are available in the following categories:


Since they’ve been around since 2000, there are four models available and they’re relatively cheap. Previously, there was a TTR225 model and then there was a TTR230 model. Despite its older appearance and different ergonomics, it has the same engine and platform. 

TTR250 –

For taller riders, this bike is more powerful and bigger than the 225.

Women Dirt Bikes From Yamaha

Suzuki DR-Z125L-

For young riders or riders with a shorter stature, Suzuki’s DR-Z125L trail bike is a great choice. Combined with its 196-pound (claimed) weight, the 124cc engine provides enough power for easy trail handling. Wheels of 19- and 16-inches as well as suspension settings that are soft and nicely tuned allow this bike to traverse technical single tracks with ease. In addition to its carbureted engine, the DR-Z relies on a Kickstarter to start, so some riders might have difficulty starting it. This is the best womens mountain bikes. Especially for riders who don’t mind going without a lot of technology, the DR-Z is a great way to begin getting dirty and do Suzuki proud.

Trail Riding With Yamaha Enduro Bikes

To begin with, you’ll probably want a dirt bike with more power and better suspension once you’ve gained enough skill and confidence. In addition to being able to ride faster, more power also allows you to handle more challenging trails. It is also easier to get out of control when you have more speed and power. Thus, learning and mastering the basics are even more important.

Yamaha’s enduro dirt bikes are as follows:

  • WR250F
  • YZ250FX


Although the WR250F was introduced in 2001, it has been updated several times for improved performance. While the YZ250F was originally a motocross bike, the updates were later added, and the bike was tuned for trail riding to make it more comfortable. Trail bikes with smoother power, wide ratio transmissions, lights, kickstands, and softer suspension are fun and fast.


Do you want to race 250 4-stroke enduro bikes or do you just want to ride aggressively? With snappy power, slightly stiffer suspension, and a close-ratio transmission, the YZ250FX is even closer to the 250F MX bike than the WR.

Motocross bikes from Yamaha for racing

Until the 1990s, Yamaha had good motocross bikes, but they weren’t considered great. One of the few Japanese dirt bike brands still making two-stroke dirt bikes, and they’ve actually updated them recently!

Here are Yamaha’s stroke motocross bikes:

YZ65 –

Perfect for kids ages 7-11 who are ready to begin racing motocross


designed for teens who are taller for the supermini class in MX racing. It has larger wheels and a higher seat height than the small wheel model

Yamaha motocross bikes have the following strokes:

YZ250F –

The best 250F MX bike on the market. With great torque and horsepower, good handling, and a reliable suspension, it is a great choice.

YZ450F –

One of the best motocross bikes in the last five years. Every few years, Yamaha updates the YZ450F, and you can adjust the power from your smartphone with the power tuner app.

Become a better and safer rider

In order to increase your skill quickly, you need the right dirt bike because a bike that is too powerful will be hard for a beginner to control and learn. 



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