What Are the Best Ways to Boost Engagement Rates on Instagram?


Are you planning to get more engagement on Instagram? It has been the go -to choice for social media influencers as well as brands who want to market their presence. Reaching out to a bigger audience is an easy job if you know the perfect marketing strategies on Instagram. Brands from all over the world never fail to connect with audience for their growth on social media platforms. This is why Instagram monetization and optimization have become an important aspect. Here is a detailed guide on Ways to Boost Engagement Rates on Instagram that you can follow.

1. Post Content with Consistency

Brands should stay active if they want to gain more followers and want to boost their engagement rates. As per recent research, you need to post once or twice daily. It will help you to keep your feed relevant and fresh and will allow audiences to attract your eyes. In fact, it is quite essential for you to know what time to post on Instagram.

If you want to have recommendations, the posting times might vary depending on which expert you are taking advice from. However, you can post either at 8 AM- 9 AM or 2 PM- 5 PM for your second post. Keep in mind that you are following the posting pattern as inconsistency will affect the engagement rates.

2. Build Audience Engagement with Stickers on Insta Stories

Instagram Stories come with some amazing options to let you engage with your audience. And one of the most quirky ways is to use stickers. It will allow you to engage with your viewers instantly and will help you build a strong community.

There are several easy and quick stickers such as countdowns, emoji sliders, polls, questions, quizzes, etc. The question sticker is quite famous as an Instagram story sticker. It will let you have direct communication with your audience. You can ask a question on a specific topic to your audience. There is another way of using stickers by hosting an AMA or “Ask me anything”.

Once, you have all the questions ready with you, don’t forget to post the answers to your stories. And you will be surprised to see the engagement rate. You can also use multiple features from IG app they keep on bringing new features which can you can use to interact with your followers. Over the last few years, every other famous people now targeting an audience through live streams. If you want to start IG live stream it will definitely be going to help you to increase followers as well.

3. Create graphics that are savable

Another great way to boost the engagement rate is by creating amazing graphics, quotes, as well as Instagram posts. Yes! In fact, you will see that Instagram users love to share quotes on stories that look aesthetically pleasing and are moving.

Talking about this recent trend, you must have seen repurposing tweets in your Instagram feed. Well! They look very engaging and are quite popular. In case, you don’t have Twitter, you always have the option to choose from the templates available that look exactly like a tweet.

4. Include CTA or Call To Actions

CTAs or Call to actions continue to be an integral part of engagement rate strategy. Try to include CTA with a more specific or direct question. You can always add it to your caption and it will surely help you get more engagement rate on Instagram.

However, you must keep in mind to share only genuine question. You don’t want your viewers to have an idea that you only want engagement. It is a big NO-NO!

Be more creative with your questions. You always have the option to ask them for some advice, what type of content they want to see in your feed, or ask for some recommendations too.

Another amazing way to get engagement is by encouraging your followers to click the link in your Instagram bio. As you are not allowed to include any sort of direct links in your Instagram post as captions, putting links in your bio is a great way to gain engagement.

While your followers will click the link present in your bio, they should be able to tap on any button or image and will be directed to the links you have added. You can put link of your blog post, product launch, your YouTube channel, and more.

5. Use Instagram Reels Collaboration Feature

Instagram collabs are highly in trend and is a great way to boost your engagement rates. Reels can be an ideal way to grow more popular. You can invite any popular influencer to collaborate on your Insta feed post or reel. As a result, they will also share the content with their audience base and eventually, you will gain more engagements from both the audience bases.

Instagram reels are a perfect way to get maximum views as well as engagement rates. With new filters and innovations launching every day, the Instagram collaboration is a perfect strategy for influencers to gain more views as well as followers. 

Collaboration becomes very important when it comes to brands as well as influencers. Generally, brands have taken up this opportunity with open arms to geo-target audiences with the help of collaborations.



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