Are Wax Melts Better Than Candles?

Wax Melts
natural soy wax processed form of soybean oil for handmade soy candles in wooden bowl.

Wax melts are now being marketed as the best alternative to the traditional candles that we have always become accustomed to. Their popularity among the users is fast rising, and this is for a good reason.  From different colors, sizes and aromas, there is a wider selection of wax melts that you can find in the market today paco el chato.

Here are a few explanations that show why wax melts are better than candles.

1. They are free from flames

Every year, a lot of fires are reported and most of them can be linked to the use of candles in homes. Although decorative candles are attractive, the open flame creates a risk of accidentally setting the entire house on fire. Wax melt warmers do not require a flame, but they do require electricity. This helps to make it safer for the users because the risk of flames is eliminated completely. 

2. Wax melts burn for an extended period

There are various factors that determine how long a wax melts and a candle will burn. The typical burn time is affected by the type of wax, the volume of fragrance oil used, the flashpoint, and the size or the volume of the wax melt or the candle. However, some people prefer wax melts to candles because of their long burn time.

3. Wax melts are made from environmental-friendly elements

Most candle waxes are made using natural materials that don’t damage the environment. Because paraffin wax is less expensive to produce than soy wax, it is widely used to make candles. Burning some paraffin wax emits benzene which is considered to be a dangerous compound. This element is classified in the same group as others that are believed to cause cancers.

4. They are more convenient

Wax melts use electric warmers so they are used in places where the traditional candles are not used. Parents who are concerned about their children being near an open flame adore wax melting. They are e considered convenient because they don’t ordinarily require a lighter or a matchbox. They are also small, and you can cut the size that you want to use in your warmer and let the rest of the wax melt to stay.

5. Allows you to choose your preferred scent

Since wax melts are packed in little different shapes and sizes that you may shatter apart, you can easily control how much fragrance comes out of it. You can add some essential oils and get the aroma that you desire. Ensure the overall weight of the pieces does not exceed 1 oz, otherwise, your wax warmer will overflow.

6. No soot generated

Wax melts are good enough and they don’t generate soot at all. This cannot be said about traditional candles because they can produce a lot of soot, Candles can make your walls and curtains tarnished. The soot that it produces is also not very good for people who have conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory disorders.  By using wax melts, you can enjoy a fantastic aroma in a clean environment without the risks that are associated with flames.


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