Web Scraping API Review


The free version of Web scraping API is limited to 12 locations; however, if you want a full-featured API, you can get 195 locations at no additional cost. These services help you extract product information and make investment decisions based on 100% accurate data. In addition to this, you can also use the API to collect data from a variety of sources. This makes it possible to build multiple scraping applications using a single API.

AutoExtract API

The AutoExtract web scraping API is a recently launched AI-powered data extraction tool that uses the latest technologies to extract data from web pages. It is built on a Google Cloud Platform-based architecture and uses Apache Kafka as its event-streaming backbone. The company chose these technologies for their speed to market and to ensure reliability and scalability. In this review, we take a closer look at the auto scraping API.

Scrapinghub offers a variety of web scraping solutions including Scrapy, Splash, Crawlera, and Scrapy Cloud. However, AutoExtract is the most specialized Web scraping API free available today, using Artificial Intelligence to gather data from web pages. It supports data on news articles, e-commerce products, and job postings. Moreover, the scraping hub’s AutoExtract API also supports web crawling on social networks, news sites, and other sites.


With the free trial of the ZenScrape web scraping API, you can easily gather data from multiple websites and create a list of leads. With this tool, you can even gather data on the pricing and availability of products on eCommerce platforms. You can start your free trial today by signing up for a free account. You will get 1,000 free credits each month and the ability to run multiple accounts from the same machine.

Getting started with the free trial is easy and there’s a ton of information available on ZenScrape’s website. It allows you to make 1,000 API requests per month and is compatible with all major front-end frameworks. It also supports popular frameworks and libraries. In addition, you can even schedule recurring scrapes to collect data on a regular basis. If you don’t like the free trial, you can purchase a lifetime plan.

Scraper API

There are several tiers of pricing for Scraper API. The free plan gives you access to a small number of API calls and comes with a 7-day no-questions-asked refund policy. Paid plans allow varying numbers of API calls per month. For example, a Startup plan allows you to make one million API calls per month and has 25 concurrent requests in Techktimes. A Hobby plan costs $29 per month. To find out which plan is right for you, check out the website.

Web scraping is an excellent tool for developing new marketing strategies or products. It introduces a data-driven approach and eliminates the need to spend countless hours sifting through data. You can respond to feedback instantly with data-driven strategies, and you can track your progress with observable metrics. This is particularly useful for marketing campaigns, where you need to make the most informed decisions as quickly as possible. Scraper APIs are easy to use, so even the most novice user can get started right away.


The free version of the Octoparse web scraping API offers users the ability to perform a variety of tasks. They can easily scrape business directories, social media sites, and more. The API also allows users to automatically rotate anonymous HTTP proxy servers with Marketbusinesstimes. This means you never need to worry about your website getting blocked. And once you’re done scraping, you can export your data or share it with other people.

Another feature of Octoparse is its ability to analyze specific text on a web page. Many scrapers require complicated rules in order to extract relevant data. In contrast, Octoparse is easy to use and provides instant access to web pages. Moreover, it can be run from Python scripts or directly from a Google Sheets document. Users can even backup the data they scraped with Octoparse, which makes it ideal for any type of data analysis.


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