5 Ways To Soften Your Asian Khussa Shoes


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So, you are looking for the optimum ways to soften your Khussa? Its very simple. Though, there are dozens of the methods present to which you can promote cleaning and softening your Asian shoe, but we will describe only 5 approved ways. Which are enough to you help you out efficiently.

So, without further ado, let’s get into this.

Crumpled Newspaper

It has been observed the most adaptive method introduced by old Asians. In this, you will need some newspapers or even magazines. Then, you need to put them into water and then again packed then when they get wet.

After packing, put them inside your Khussa and leave. Remove when they totally dry.

You need to repeat the methods 2-3 times and you can observe that surface of your Asian shoes will be softer.

Check out the next.

Use Shoe Stretcher

It’s a gadget used to soft Asian shoe. You need to keep them inside your shoes and stretch as much as possible. It has been found extremely result-oriented, and you can observe the results even overnight.

If you find the method complex, you can go with the third one.

Apply Hairdryer

It’s not a conventional method, or even sounds weird that how can a hairdryer help soften your Khussa. But trust, it works. All you need to do is, give harder or uncomfortable area a 20 second blast of continuous heat. This heat will soften the leather, and you can check when the surface becomes cool.

Stretching Spray

Surely, you have observed it too that leather shoes soften overtime. But if you apply alcohol-based sprays, then softening process will be enhanced.

Interestingly, the application of spray also prevents development of water marks that are shown when leather start drying. So, it’s a pretty cool method which is highly appreciated by the people because of easy procedure.

Just you need to spray and insert your feet inside. That’s all.

Metal or Wooden Spoon

In this, you need to get a large metal or wooden spoon and rub it highly to the tight areas of your Asian shoes. It will soften the areas that are irritating.

You can pickup any of the method which you find best for definite softening of Asian shoes.

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The Bottom Line

The above article has shared with you the top 5 ways to which you can soften Asian Khussa. You can adapt any of the method you find best. Besides, a legit source is also described which is providing finest quality shoes to you at comfortable prices.


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