Today’s Wordle answer #330 (with hints) Sunda May 15


The present Wordle answer is an uncommon word you’re probably not going to involve consistently except if you frequently end up in legislative hearings, political discussions, or duels. I would rather not accept you don’t, you might be Olympic gold fencer Cheung Ka Long. In which case, having you as a peruser of TechRadar Gaming is wonderful.

In the event that you’re not Cheung Ka Long then you might need a couple of clues, tips, and pieces of information to tackle the present Wordle reply, and we possess a great deal of those.

However, the best exhortation we can offer to settle the present Wordle response and future riddles is to involve one of the most mind-blowing beginning words for Wordle. These words utilize the most well-known letters in the English language, so they let you uncover or preclude key letters early, and from that point it makes it a lot more straightforward to limit the potential responses.

Presently, onto the custom-made hints, tips, signs, and the answer for the present Wordle answer #330, Sunday, May 15.

First up, the answer:

At the point when a duel’s not turning out well for you

Not sufficient? What about these then?


The present Wordle answer might be a surprising word yet it helps that it has two vowels, the two of which are not difficult to distinguish and are regularly matched together. The principal challenge comes from the way that you’ve a couple of potential responses, in any event, when you’ve worked out the last four letters of the word.

Assuming that you get to the extent that _IELD, you actually need to pick between WIELD, FIELD, and the present Wordle reply.

Assuming you’re actually searching for that last letter and your scorestreak is in harm’s way, have no trepidation, the present Wordle answer is YIELD.


To pay tribute to the previous evening’s Eurovision there’s truly only one of the Wordle choices I’d suggest…

Heardle resembles the music round at a bar test. It provides you with the primary second of a tune and requests that you surmise either the melody title or the craftsman. On the off chance that one second isn’t sufficient, you can get somewhat more recess with each speculation.

It’s an incredible method for jabbing at an alternate piece of your mind than Wordle. Hearing music appears to pull at one more sort of memory, drawing out an alternate reaction.


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