Top 5 Sports Channels

Balls from various sports.

Here we are talking about the top 5 sports channels. Sports channels are those television channels which are mostly for broadcasting sports events usually live. In case when these channels do not broadcast live sports games, they revealed sports news and some other sports-related programs. It is essential to know the first sports channel that went on air in the year 1977. As technology increase, there is also an increase in the number of sports channels. Nowadays, there are many sports channels available today on television, which allow people to enjoy their favorite sports. So for this here we have given the top 5 sports channels, which are given below: 


It is one of the best sport leading channels in the world established for the sports entertainment that is broadcasting worldwide. The full name of this channel is the entertainment sports programming network and also known as ESPN. This channel is official in the USA. The broadcasting is done by this channel from the city of Bristol in Connecticut. It is one of the best sport providing channels as a worldwide leader in the sports entertainment sector. 

Star Sports: 

It is the best cable sports channel hosted and co owned by the star group and the ESPN network. This sports channel’s airing is present mainly in Asia countries like India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. This an equal joint venture of the news corporation group and the Walt Disney Company. The sister sports channel that has been established by the sports group channel all over the world is star cricket, ESPN Asia, etc. Star sports channel is the official broadcast of Barclay’s premier league in the countries of Asia. 

Sky Sports:

Sky Sports is the official and branded name given by to the group of channels that have an orientation toward broadcasting sports entertainment, especially in the UK and the surrounding areas all over Europe. It is the leading satellite pay-TV channel. But this channel is called the sports channel formerly. Sky Sports is solely responsible for getting some popularity and the revenue for the British sports that mainly include the English premier league and the ashes and some other cricket tournament played in Great Britain. It’s essential sky sports are broadly termed as sky sports 1, 2, 3, and 4. 

Setanta Sports: 

Setanta sports are a sports entertainment channel that is operative in the country of Australia. This channel is accessed and widely available to all the business establishments and the home present in all the areas of the mainland of Australia. It is the part of the Setanta sports group that involves the television channels that have their presence in Canada, Africa, and Ireland. This channel is the leading broadcaster of the major rugby leagues and cricket, football, kickboxing, etc., in Australia.    

Fox Sports: 

The fox sports regional networks are a collection of the sports channels broadcast from the cable technology in North American countries. These are the channels that are purely owned by the news corporation. There is also a stake in this sports channel by the fox entertainment company, due to which it has derived its name. This sports channel is mainly telecasted in American English. It is a national channel for distribution of sports related activities all over the country USA. This channel headquarters is present in Los Angeles and California. These are the top 5 sports channels and the best sports channels in the world. 


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