Whose ranking is top under the best undrafted NBA players?


Whose ranking is top under the best undrafted NBA players?

There is no doubt that the NBA is the toughest league to make a living in the world. There are 15 players in 30 teams which doesn’t leave enough space for the average player to be a part of the NBA. It might be one of the reasons that such players are undrafted. 

Usually, the NFL players are more familiar with the undrafted players. There is a lot of room for many undrafted acquisitions looking for a job with a 53 man roster and seven rounds in their draft. Due to this, much of the raw and best talent gets selected in the first round of the NBA draft. 

Those players who manage to make an impact tend to get selected in the second round. The NBA talent evaluators are equipped with a huge responsibility to find the best players globally, but now and then, a hidden gem falls through the cracks. 

The 2020 NBA playoffs revealed many things. The undrafted guard Duncan Robinson propelled the Miami Heat to their fourth title. In the postseason, the former Division III standout scored 15 points. He also exploded for 26 points against Lebron James and the Lakers in game 5 of the NBA finals. One latest example of an undrafted player is Robinson, as he has made a meaningful impact in the association. 

Here are some of the undrafted NBA players of all time in the history of sports. 

Undrafted NBA players

Aron Baynes

If it were a year ago, then you would not have found Aron Baynes. He rose to become one of the league’s most improved three-point shooters. During his first season in Phoenix, the bruiser nailed 35% of his treys. Not only this, he has further added five years to his career by moving away from the paint and out to the perimeter. 

Joel Anthony 

People know Joel Anthony as the late bloomer. The Montreal native didn’t play competitive basketball and was cut from his local college team until his senior year of high school. Once, he did become an integral part of two NBA championship squads in Miami, although it took the rugged center longer than to figure out how to play out a game. All this is due to the defense and his willingness to sacrifice his body for the team’s good. 

Kent Bazemore 

No doubt that the league is full of undrafted players, but Kent Bazemore is the one who signed a four-year deal with it. After averaging 11.6 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 2.3 assists during his second season in Atlanta, the old dominion product inked his lucrative extension with the Hawks in 2016. Later he got traded to the Trail Blazers and Kings. Besides this, he also provided the teams with dependable defense and reel dunks. 

Earl Boykins 

Earl Boykins was a fearless scorer and crafty distributor. It is nearly impossible for people to overlook what he accomplished in the NBA. With the Nuggets, he averaged 12.3 points and 4.1 assists over four years. During the NBA’s hand-checking era, it was his size that made him a liability. But if he was given a chance, then he could have proved to be an electrifying scorer. 

J.J. Barea

Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd got most of the credit for the Dallas NBA championship, but they did not have rings for Barea. The plucky point guard was inserted into the starting lineup in the NBA finals with the Mavs down 2-1 to the heat. Not only this, but he also helped Dallas to three straight wins with his gritty play. More than nine years later, he has been on the roster and is still regarded as one of the most popular players in franchise history. 

Joe Ingles

Many people take Joe Ingles as a substitute math teacher, and he is also very well aware of this. His opposing fans call him slow, but he seems unaffected as he knows he can run threes from all over the court. Since entering the league in 2014, the Australian marksman has hit 41% of the three-point attempts. Not only this but he was also rewarded for his accuracy when he agreed to a one-year extension with the Jazz. 

Wesley Matthews 

Many people feel that Wesley Matthews has been with four different teams, so he is not of that much value. But in reality, he is of enormous value. He has been a phenomenal floor spacer and is among the best three-point shooters from the past decade. He averaged 16.4 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 2.4 assists for the trailblazers, and it was his finest season. 

Jeremy Lin 

Later becoming the first player in NBA history to score at least 20 points and seven assists in each of his five starts; Lin also appeared on the covers of Time, sports illustrated, slam and G.Q.. Still, the level of production proved out to be unsustainable. 

David Wesley 

But it turned out to be wrong afterward. According to the NBA, David Wesley was too small and one-dimensional when he declared for the draft in 1992. Over nine years, he averaged 14.4 points and 5 assists. By doing so, he became one of the league’s top combo guards. 

Jose Calderon

Some players have more impressive international resumes than Jose Calderon. At the Olympics, the crafty point guard helped Spain capture the Olympics. Besides this, he powered his national team to finish at the FIFA world cup and EuroBasket. Moreover, Calderon can set up teammates, and it served him well in the NBA. In this, he dished out 5148 times in 14 seasons. 

Udonis Haslem 

The younger fans of Udonis Haslem consider him as an intense, towel-waving dude. He has the image of one yelling out at his teammates during timeouts. But people have forgotten that time when facing him was nothing short of a double threat. He averaged 10.5 points and 8.4 rebounds but played a crucial role in all three of Miami’s NBA championship teams. 

Fred VanVleet 

Fred VanVleet has proved his worth in the NBA finals as he helped the Raptors to capture their first championship by scoring 14 points, 2.2 assists, and 1.2 steals per game. Steady Freddy’s gritty defense and playmaking made him one of the most sought-after stars in the league. Consequently, he should be rewarded for hitting free agency this year. 

Brad Miller


Even after averaging 17.2 points and 8.8 rebounds per game during the senior season, Brad Miller is still undrafted. It was hard to believe for many people out there. He was never a standout defender, but he did become a mature scorer and phenomenal passer. Above all, he excelled at opening teammates from down on the block. 

Avery Johnson 

Avery Johnson is a strong-willed motivator, and he knows how to get the best out of his teammates. It was he who led the San Antonio Spurs to the championship in franchise history. 

Darell Armstrong 

Darell Armstrong is not the one among them whom people like to forget. He played in almost all the 50 games and was also regarded as the league’s most improved player. After averaging 13.8 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 2.2 steals per contest, he also bagged the sixth man of the year award. Over the next two seasons, Armstrong put up even more significant numbers for the Magic, but 1999 deserves special attention after going undrafted and toiling away in Cyprus and Spain. 

Bruce Bowen 

You know what can happen when the right player finds the right coach. The same was the case for Bruce Bowen. He made seven straight NBA defensive teams and also won three titles after joining San Antonio. By unleashing him on the opposing wings, the craft coach made the most of Bowen’s talents. Besides this, it turned him into the league’s most fearsome 3 and D specialist. 

Raja Bell 

Without any doubt, Raja Bell was a lockdown defender and a capable scorer. He averaged 14.7 points per game in back-to-back seasons and shot 40% or better from the three-point line seven times. One of the huge reasons for the lethal offense was his ability to transition and space the court. 

John Starks 

There were plenty of players who played overseas before getting their big break. Out of all the players, John Starks is the only one who worked as a bagger at a grocery store. Tulsa has come a long way from making $3.35 an hour to a local Safeway to bringing home more than $5 million a year. 

Ben Wallace 

The unique thing about Ben Wallace is that he was good at basketball without actually being good at it. Initially, he couldn’t shoot, dribble or pass, but he was never outworked and gave up on his play. He earned four defensive players of the year awards in his career and helped the Pistons overcome the Lakers in the NBA finals. 


Connie Hawkins 

He would have been the No. 1 draft pick in any year, but unfortunately, he got involved in the college point-shaving scandal. He made his debut with the Phoenix Suns. Over the next four seasons, Hawkins made four all-star teams and became one of the league’s most marketable stars, all due to his dazzling rim play. 


These were some of the top-rated undrafted NBA players in the entire history of the NBA. There is no doubt that they are undrafted, but still, there is a lot in store for all these players.


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