What is the ideal type of woman? Everyone has their own preferences; some prefer shorter or taller; thine or plumper. But most of the people think that juicy, tempting lips are very important for good looks. But what to do if lips are thin? Is there any chances to correct that?


Yes, thousand times yes! The sphere of aesthetics medicine develops as quick as lightning, and there are loads of methods to change the appearances slightly. The most popular is dermal filler. You can use Stylage Special Lips  Juvederm, or various other products. It is better to consult with the specialist first.

What to Use for Lip Augmentation?


This question is bothering a lot of newcomers in the aesthetics medicine sphere. What procedure to choose? Which injections is better? How to make a decisicion? Let’s discuss it in a little more detail. In general, there are three methods both for lips contouring and lip enhancement that are the most popular:


  • Lip filler injection. Usually, doctors use monophasic cross-linked hyaluronic acid solitions like Stylage, Restaline, Juvederm, etc. Those lip filler brands are the most popular among beauty specialists. The procedure is quick (15-30 minutes), and can be repeated again after some time. The anethetic is not needed because the solutions already have it in its composition. The result is visible up to six months;
  • Fat injections. The procedure’s principle is pretty simple. The doctor takes fat from your body and uses it as a filler. Remember, the procedure can be conducted only by a qualified specialist who is experienced in the transfer procedures. You don’t have to repeat treatments as soon as the desirable result achieved. The procedure is great for those who are allergic to hyaluronic acid, or any other components of the solution. The effect lasts for many years;
  • Lip implants. This procedure is for those who’s not afraid to go under the knife. With the help of local anastesia, of course. The surgeon makes a little cuts at the corner of the lips and inserts the implants under the skin and gives them the desirable shape. After the procedure, few days are needed for the recovery. But the result lasts for many years, and that’s the reason some people choose it.  Before deciding what procedure is the best for you, think everything through carefully and concult with the doctor. He’ll help you to make the right choice.

    The Products to Make Lips Look Bigger

    There are various products on the beauty market for lip contour correction. But, as you’ve already read, the most popular are dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid. There are a lot of remedies that have other main component in their composition, but they are too heavy for such soft and sensetive area as lips. The most popular solutions are Restaline, Juvederm, and Stylage. Their effect lasts up to six months and can be repeated countless amount of times.

    How to Make Lips Look Bigger Without Injections?

  • And what about those who are afraid of needles and not brave enough to conquer the fear? Do they have any chance to make their lips look bigger? Don’t get upset, there are still a few methods!
    • Use the lip balm that have pappermint oil in its composition. It makes the circulation better, in this way more blood flows to youl lips. It makes them look much plumper;
    • Toothbrush to add some smoothness. Dip your toothbrush in a warm water, and gently  massage the lips to make them look thicker and fuller. Add this to your morning routine!
    • Use make-up. Choose the lip pencil that matches your lip tone and make a contour slightly outside your natural lip line. Then add some lipstic to match. You can also use a highlighter on the cupid’s bow.

    Hope, those lifehacks were helpful, and you’ll try some of them! 

    Final Word

    As you can see, there are a lot of options to choose from. It’s great if the person doesn’t want cange anything in their looks, but for those who are looking for something new there are many different variants. Starting from makeup, ending with the lip fillers and implants. Just think through what would be the best for you, and start the transformation.


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