“Technology & Education”


In this modern life, technology is the most important part of everyone’s life. It is considered as a vital factor. Every passing day, market is bringing a new device or gadgets that will definitely improve our life in anyway and make it easier. Moreover, these gadgets will make advances in already existing software’s. Despite making our lives easy and quick, technology has many other roles in life. 

Technology in educational field: 

Technology is now making its place in education sector as well. It is increasing gaining importance in education field. With the more advances in Technology, students are getting more & more benefits in their education. Technology that is being used in schools and classrooms is very beneficial. It helps the learners to easily understand & absorb the all knowledge. 

There are hundreds of students who learn things better through pictures and animations. They are visual learners. To help those students, projections are used. The screen of projector is attached to the computer and can be placed in the class room. The students will then see the screen and avail their notes and study content simply by looking at the screen & listening to the teacher. This is Technology!

Moreover, there are a number of soft ware’s available that can be used in the classroom. This soft ware’s can be supplied to students on which they can perform their class tests, quiz and other activities. 

Learn from home: 

This software’s will help the students to study from home when it is not possible to come to the class room. As we can see in this pandemic Covid-19, we all are not able to go anywhere, so how to continue the education from home? The answer is simply with this educational technlogy. Now a lot of Apps are available through which students can learn from home, such as Zoom app, Google class room, Google forms and many others. This is possible just because of technology.

How technology will help students in their practical life?

There are continual advances in all over the world. Students easily learn how to operate this technology through the computer classes today. This will help the students in their practical life. When they are graduated and get into their professional life, they all know how to use , so they will not face any kind of difficulty in their practical life. 

In their workplace, they will face more competition. So a person, who has never used any kind of technology or software in his entire life, will be let down. It will be difficult for him to get success in his professional life. In this way, will help him to be succeeding in his practical life after graduation. 

With improved advances in technology, students are getting more access to opportunities in education. Every time, some new and better things are coming to the market. The prices of technological devices were so high many years ago but now due to much advances, the prices are decreasing. So can be accessed by any school or organization that has low financial resources. 

Now we must admit that technology is getting “in trend” in the World & it has become compulsory in each aspect of life.


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