How Computers have become an important part of Life?


The computer can be defined as a “simple machine”. We can say that it is an advanced and complicated version of simple calculators. When computers were first introduced and invented, they were quite expensive and out of the reach of a lay man. Then when the mass production of computers started, the prices of computers automatically start coming down very soon. 

Now computers have become an integral part of human’s life. Computers help the mankind in a number of ways. Computers have made a number of tasks of human quite easy and faster. Computer has the power to manage numerous stuffs easily in every part of life. They are widely used regularly at banks, industries, railways station, airport, IT Company, schools, colleges, restaurants and many other places. The use of computer is not limited to one place only. 

Computers act as digital laborers. Every sector is immensely benefited from them such as private or Government sector. Computers are reshaping & designing the present world. Computers play an important role in the rapid success of human population. They will lead the future of human life to the next advanced level. Now we will discuss the advantages of computers one by one in different fields of life. 

  • Educational set up: 

Schools and universities have been using the computers and internet since a long time. They impart academic lessons to students through a visual interaction. With the help of computers, education has become quite easier. It can ignite the imagination in the learner’s mind. Multimedia, power point presentation, all these things can be operated on computers which will help the students to learn accurately & faster. Computers have made education & learning more exciting.

  • Banks:

All banks use computers on daily basis to keep the record of their clients. Financial data of multiple customers can be stored easily on computers. ATM’s which are known as automated teller machine, these ATM’s have made the personal banking so easy.  You can transect money anytime or anywhere. You can do a lot of thing on ATM such as transactions, cash deposit and withdrawals, funds transferring, requesting a new check book and many other tasks. ATM has made many other things easy such as mobile loads, bill paying, and others. These all tasks are possible due to Computer. 

Online banking has made things so easy, now you can perform a lot of tasks simply by using your mobile phones just sitting at home. You can generate financial statement, or you can apply for loans just by clicking on your phones. 

  • Business: 

You can start a new business just with the help of computer and a better internet connection. You can efficiently manage your business or even expand them. All the big business man today has started their initial journey just with the help of a desktop computer and internet connection like Face book, Google and Amazon. 

Final words:

Computers are now an important part of every human’s life. Computer has made their works easy and more reliable. This is


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