How Technology is changing our lives so easily

Muenster, Germany - March 30, 2013: A close up of an Apple iPhone 5 screen showing the App Store and various social media apps, including Google plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and foursquare.

Technology is changing the lives of so many people in these modern times. It is affecting every aspect of the life. The education, the health, medical sciences, social &economic life etc all are affected by modern technology. However, there may be so many people around us that do not prefer and like technology at all and there may be so many reasons for this. Technology is affecting life of each person in the world both in positive and negative way. 

Innovation & Technology: 

Over past few years technology is changing quickly and getting much diversity, it has been expending in almost all the fields of life. Innovation and technology both are going hand in hand. Where we read about technology, there must be some innovation as well. Innovation does not mean that only creative people can do it, innovation also require some technological ideas and talent. Without technology there can’t be any innovation. No doubt, technology has made our lives quite easy and much better. 

Technology & modern life: 

If start comparing our life styles today & the life that was few years ago, we will surely notice some major differences. We will see that how technology has changed our lives & transformed it into something better. With the help of technology, we can save our time & resources. 

In the past, mobile phones were used only to make calls, but now they are used as a smart computer which can do everything. Now mobile phones are able to click pictures, use internet, receive and send mails and much more. Obviously they can make phone calls too. Many years ago, computers were not so affordable for everyone, but now technology has made smart phone so common and easy to buy. 

All the travelling and transportation across different places is totally dependent upon technology today, either it is a wheel or a bus & engine. Transportation is not just a technology but it is a collective system of people, money and energy. Technology has made transportation easy and quick, which in turn is changing our lives and making it easy. 

Technology is affecting the society tremendously. Things which we are using today such as mobiles, iPods, and Bluetooth and flash drivers were not so common, but now because of technology, everybody can afford these gadgets. All Thanks to technology! 

The use of Internet is spreading day by day at a very fast rate. The Internet engages billion of people all around the world. Because of this Technology, we are getting many benefits, such as we can communicate better with people from all corners of the world. Because of this innovation, Students are getting many advantages. They are now able to get a lot of desired information on any related topics. Education can be easily accessed by any student even by staying at home. We can solve our urgent problems quickly with the help of this. 

Final words:

No doubt, Technology has affected our life styles in a positive way which is making everything easy and quick. The world has turned into global villages now. So after all this, we can surely say that Technology has a huge impact on our lives. 


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