iPhone 8 Plus Pricing in Durham, Rupees, Dollar


Based on the prices listed on various Apple sites worldwide, we looked at the cost * of 64GB iPhone 8 in countries where the iPhone 8 will be available for purchase this month and weighed them in dollars, Yuan, and pounds equivalent.

The price of the iPhone 8 is in US dollars:

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus offers users who want to upgrade their phones a cheaper option; the iPhone 8 starts at $ 699, and the larger iPhone 8 Plus starts at $ 799 for 64GB models in the US.

But if you live outside the US, you will probably end up paying a lot more than that. The basic model of the iPhone 8 costs about $ 1,000 in most countries, the same cost as the larger, better iPhone X in the US.

Native American country:

  • Finland, Ireland, Portugal € 829 $ 984.83
  • Poland 3479 zł $ 965.68
  • France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain € 809 $ 960.67
  • Czech Republic 20,990 Kč $ 955.46
  • Australia A $ 1,079 $ 872.40
  • Switzerland CHF839 $ 864.24
  • Singapore S $ 1,148 $ 849.93
  • UAE AED 2,849 $ 775.66
  • Hong Kong HK $ 5,988 $ 767.87
  • Canada $ 929 $ 759.64
  • In Japan, 78,800 yen for $ 707.94
  • US $ 699 $ 699

Price of iPhone 8 in Chinese Yuan:

For years, many of the first iPhone buyers in stores in the US (pay wall) and elsewhere were Chinese people who wanted to resell phones in China for mapping. Since 2010, Apple has been selling the iPhone to China directly, and this year, China is among the first markets to get the latest phone.

But it is still very cheap, for example, for Chinese people to cross into Hong Kong and buy there.

Yuan Home Country

  • Hungary Ft264,990 6,689.31
  • Italy € 839 6,551.92
  • Sweden 7,995 kr 6,549.54
  • Singapore S $ 1,148 5,588.44
  • Taiwan NT $ 25,500 5,570.99
  • UAE AED 2,849 5,099.35
  • Hong Kong HK $ 5,988 5,046.22
  • Canada $ 929 4,948.85
  • Japan 78,800 yen 4,606.47
  • US $ 699 4,595.37

The price of the iPhone 8 is British pounds.

After Brexit, the pound lost about one-fifth of its value and remained in the fall against the dollar, meaning many things were more expensive for the Brits. There are still many places where the iPhone is more expensive at home than in the US – including the US, where it is £ 181 cheaper.

As of September 20, prices for the iPhone 8 were not available on Apple’s website in Bahrain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Iceland, Jersey, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Qatar, Romania. Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, or Slovenia.

Sales tax feature

The cheapest iPhone outside the US is in Japan, where the iPhone 8 starts with Japanese yen worth $ 707.94, 4,606.47 Yuan, and £ 519.28. There are price differences between countries, but that can be a little misleading – US prices on Apple’s website do not include taxes, so most Americans will end up paying more than the $ 699 list price. (iPhone users in Alabama will pay sales tax about 10%, but New Hampshire residents will not pay any taxes.) So while it is traditionally cheaper to buy Apple products in the US, smart consumers should do their best

In countries where sales tax is the same in all areas, Apple prices often include taxes on total value. So the iPhone 8 in Hungary, which has a very high retail price in dollars, Yuan, and pounds of countries where it is available for purchase, is a better deal than it seems because the price includes VAT.


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