Business Marketing VIA WhatsApp


When you think about social media, sites like Facebook and WhatsApp may come to mind immediately. But messenger apps reach social networks depending on the users. And more and more messenger apps are being used for marketing.

The leader in many countries worldwide is WhatsApp (a pun on the phrase “what’s up”), with 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide.

That kind of market entry is ignored. But how can you effectively use WhatsApp marketing? As with all untested parameters, there are equal risk and reward measures for first-timers. Here is a guide for our seller on WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp:

There are also web applications and desktop versions for Mac or Windows PCs, but you need to install them on your first phone because each WhatsApp account is tied directly to a single phone number. You need to verify your country and enter your phone number. To set up your profile, you can enter your Facebook information with a single click, or manually enter a photo and enter a profile name (which you can change later).

WhatsApp uses the phone numbers in your phone’s contact list to show you up-to-date directions for WhatsApp users you already know. Anyone with your phone number in their address book will automatically see your plan unless you change your privacy settings. 

Individual Conversation:

Like other chat apps, you can chat directly with another user on your phone’s contact list. You can call or video them or record audio captions to send them a text.

Stream List:

It will go to anyone on your list that saved your number in their phone address book. Customers will see the message as a standard message, similar to a BCC (blind carbon copy) function in an email. When they respond, it will appear as a regular, one-person message on your chat screen, and their response will not be sent to anyone else in this stream. The broadcast list is limited to 256 contacts.


Group chats allow you to send a message to up to 256 people at once, sharing messages, photos, and videos. Everyone in the group chat can enter and see everyone’s responses.

Why should you use WhatsApp for business?

A good reason to use WhatsApp for business is that most of your customers are already using it. More than 60 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp every day. Surprisingly, WhatsApp users and similar services are willing to engage with businesses. According to Nielsen’s Nielsen Facebook Messaging Survey, 67 percent of mobile messaging users said they expect to use more chat to communicate with companies in the next two years. Besides, 53percent of respondents said that there was a good chance they would send a message directly to the business. When your customers and expectations are low, they are more likely to be comfortable using messaging apps in their daily communications. A study by the Pew Research Center shows that 42 percent of smart phone owners between the ages of 18 and 29 use messaging apps like WhatsApp, compared to only 19 percent of smartphones owners aged 50 or older. Also, messaging apps like WhatsApp have excellent engagement rates: 98 percent of mobile messages are opened and read, 90 percent of which are unlocked in three seconds received.

WhatsApp marketing strategies and Tips:

Since it has business-specific features (yet), you have to be creative in your marketing strategy. While WhatsApp is different in its accessibility and features than other messenger apps, it is essential to develop your WhatsApp strategy next to your standard app marketing strategy. There are a few limitations you need to adjust when developing your WhatsApp marketing strategy. First of all, there is no such thing as a business account, so when your product creates an account, you face the same restrictions as any other user.


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