Best LG Washing Machines for a Small Family


The evolution of technology has gradually resulted in a hassle-free life for all of us. The washing machine is a blessing in our daily lives, making our lives more straightforward than ever.    

We always argue about medicine, climatic changes, politics, or scientific inventions; however, we fail to honor the humblest washing machine. It’s a savior to us and has made us forget about washing clothes using our hands.     

You must have found it a bit complex while shopping for a good washing machine online or offline. It’s pretty common to have second thoughts while purchasing a washing machine for a small family, given the availability of brands in today’s market. Preferably go for LG washing machines of 7 KG. There are very few washing machines that can match up with LG’s technology and jaw-dropping features.  

But buying a new washing machine can be hectic. There is a vast range to choose from: semi-automatic, top load, front load, and even fully automatic. One must care about the functionality while purchasing a washing machine. We’re going to discuss few types of washing machines, those are:    

LG 6 KG fully automatic (inverter) front loading washing machine: 

The device has a full-touch control feature, with a maximum spinning pace (1000 rpm), resulting in a short drying time.  

 It has six motion generation, direct-force, and inverter manage. The Direct-Drive enhances the washing and allows it to move in a different direction with care. Further to built-inverter management, the appliance additionally has a water heater and has a combination of a streamer.  Check it out

LG 8 KG inverter fully automatic front loading washing machine: 

The model is beautiful and will stand out from others. We must head onto this appliance’s features: a built-in heater, six motion direct drive motor, and a stainless-steel drum. It makes sure that clothes are deep cleaned with adequate care. The maximum spinning speed is 1200 RPM, the clothes get dried rapidly. This go for LG washing machines 7 KG is set affordable keeping in mind small households.     

LG 6.5 KG inverter fully automatic top loading washing machine: 

It’s definitely one of the most bought top-loading appliances available in the current. The washer, which comes with a Smart diagnosis- SmarthinQ, turbo drum, and tub clean. It also has an intelligent inverter motor, and it has a unique feature to save energy by adjusting the power being consumed per the load you upload.    

 If you want to buy something sustainable and an intelligent appliance, then take your pick right now. 

LG 8 KG inverter fully automatic top loading washing: 

Heading on the item which has been kept for the last, it is LG 8 KG fully automatic top loading washing machine, and it’s few of the new launches. As we already know that it’s fully automated, it comes with many more features as an add-on.   

 The appliance has an intelligent inverter motor as well as a built-in jet spray option, and it’s used for removing the most obstinate stains that you can find on the cloth. It also assures the quality of washing and protects the fabric.   

In addition, the machine gives you three options to select the type of washing you want. The future is so modernized that it helps in saving more than 40% of energy. There is a mode called Spray mode, which holds 70% of the water, which is being used. This model is energy-efficient and is perfect for today’s world.    

There are many more available models: LG washing machine of 7Kg or more. Be choosy while making the purchase; select after comparing the other available models. The business enterprise gives 2 years assurance on their washing machines and 10 years on motor.  

Many of us might feel where we can get all the models mentioned earlier in this article and the price of the products. You can get this by simply clicking on the Bajaj Finserv EMI network. They provide their service online and offline as well. Those who want to get the appliance by checking it can visit the store and purchase it. The Bajaj Finserv has over 100000 partner stores across the country.  

You can make payments hassle-free and also get exciting offers while making the purchase. It will surely make your shopping experience much better. At the same time as choosing the gadget, recognize the generation up-gradation as per your requirement. Additionally, preserve in mind the power-efficient models as all of us need to be thoughtful towards our mother nature. 


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