Impact of Snapchat


Social media Apps are widely used all over the world. Everyone who uses mobile phones surely knows about these Apps. If you have a phone, you will already know about this Snapchat. It is a social media application. Snapchat is very successful social media App across the world. By using this App, people can capture their pictures and send to their friends. 

There were the day when having a mobile was considered as a luxury. But now the prices of mobile phones are too low that anybody can afford it. It is not a big deal to buy a mobile phone. Just spend a little money and become the owner of a mobile phone. It is very rare that a person does not have his own mobile phone. It has become the basic need of everyone’s life. 

Snapchat is different from other Apps:

Snapchat is one step ahead from other social media apps, because of the fact that when we send pictures through this app, the sender is able to delete or cancel the pictures within few seconds from the mobile of receiver. This makes an amazing social networking app. 

We don’t need to define the features of that makes it a unique app. It is the best social media for all users, it has a personal pictures sending and receiving app. Users can send private messages in a very safe way. It is a secure approach. So how Snapchat has impacts on its users? Let’s see!

There is a new feature which is added on Snapchat that is “stories”. Users can post their pictures as well as videos on the stories. These storied are automatically deleted or disappeared after some time, for example after 24 hours these stories will end. So it is a kind of self destructive stories in natures which delete after the receiver has viewed the pictures in 10 seconds. 

Impact of Snapchat on its users & other social media apps:

There are various advantages & impacts of Snapchat. There are a number of brands who need active users not those who live in a passive world. You can send temporary messages by using Snapchat. This is so beneficial for a particular brand. These temporary messages are getting popular. 

Users can click pictures by using different filters and stickers of Snapchat. Majority of the users of the Snapchat are mostly teenagers and adults who are totally addicted to their mobile phones. Because the content shared on Snapchat is self destructive, so these teenagers send any type of adult messages without any worries because these messages can be automatically deleted after some time. So they can do sexting via Snapchat. It has become a major trend among young adults. Teenagers can send some adult pictures to their boyfriends or girlfriends without any worries because these photos are deleted and they feel more liberal. 

Coming to an end, we can say that Snapchat has changed the way of people’s communication with their friends. People interact with their friends in a new way that is quite different from other social networks like Face Book or twitter. 


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