Positive Effects of Technology & science on society

POV shot of female runner using a fitness app on her mobile phone. Female checking the summary of her run on smartphone.

How is Technology affecting our society? Is it good or bad for our society? Technology might be a bane or boon for us. To know more about how Technology will affect our society, let’s read this article. 

Technological growth: The Technology is growing very rapidly in the entire world. With every passing day, there are new advancements made in the Technological equipments and tools. There are a huge numbers of researchers who are doing research on a great number of Technological programs. These researchers belong to the Non profitable research organizations, companies and universities. All the advancements in the researchers are possible due to these researches. These advancements are so strong and have a pervasive power. 

We can define Technology like this: “Technology is a scientific knowledge and information to solve the real life problems”.  We cannot deny that Technology is growing at a vast speed and it is affecting the entire World. Technology also has an influence on our business operations. Let’s see how it impacts the society.

Impact on society: No doubt, Technology has a deep effect on society. We all are facing the impacts of Technology on our daily lives. It equally has an impact on our life style, our culture, economy, education and most importantly on our new generation.  However it is notable that Technology has benefits as well as some disadvantages. Technology can be a blessing or destruction for us. We can say that Technology is a sword with double edges, on one end there are benefits and on other side there are detrimental. That’s why we must be very careful and we must know about how it affects our life standards and our business. 

Good impacts of Technology:

Our life is full of Technology, we are surrounded by it. Sometimes we take Technology for granted until we have everything around us. We don’t realize the importance of Technology in our lives. When we don’t find any Technological gadget around us such as telephone, electricity and internet then we realize that how much Technology is essential for us. 

The advancements in Technology have actually raised our life style standards. On the other hand, there is too much inflation around us and most of the people are also unemployed but still they are having good things in life. Despite these facts, majority of the people are living an easy and comfortable life which is full of luxuries. Their dressing is better; they are feeding healthy foods to their children. To be honest, people are living a more cozy life.

Technology is also affecting the other aspects of our life. It has a positive impact on our fundamental rights such as Laws are enforced in a good way. We all follow these laws. 

It affects our cultures, religion, language & art, our health, other health care system, and transport system. Due to Technology, there are a lot of good advancements in our health care system. Now doctors are able to treat their patients in a better environment. Doctors can use different mediums to treat their patients such as video conference with their patients at long distances. 

Sometimes, the judges also use Technology to solve a complicated case. They can listen to the case of those criminals which are not allowed to go to court room due to some safety issues. 

No doubt, Technology has made our lives better, it has increased our productivity. Technology has made us more efficient. 


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