Effects of TV shows


The reality TV shows are getting fame day by day after the success of daily soaps which were never ending serials. Reality shows are getting popularity. We never know where the trend started & it is still going on with some music and dancing shows. They have a great role in making the celebrities famous people. These TV shows has made the celebrity some extra ordinary persons. Although all the channels on the TV are becoming more interesting day by day, yet these reality TV shows are more famous. Obviously they are influencing our generation in one or other way. They have their own plus & negative points. Some of the points will be discussed here: 

Some advantage Reality TV shows:

These Reality shows have many advantages; we get a lot of information through them. They are also a source of entertainment for us in this busiest & tough schedule. We will discuss the advantages one by one:

  • The craze of getting fame: in Reality shows people perform many stunts in actual which are so daring. People show off their skills and talents. In this way, the general audience knows them and appreciates them. They got very famous within a very short time period. They don’t need any reference to get popular because they came in Reality shows & get success because of their actual talent & skills. 
  • Addressing social issues: One of the major plus point of Reality shows is that they can address number of social issues and they got the public attention to some major problems which is destroying our society. 
  • Woman empowerment: these shows also play a role to empower women in society. These shows provide chance to woman more independently. 
  • Career start: because of Reality TV shows, many ordinary people have become big starts and celebrities in their own ways. So any lay man can start his or her career just by some struggle & showing their talents and skills.

Some disadvantages of Reality TV shows:

With benefit, Reality shows have some disadvantages as well. 

  • Scripted writing: most of the so called TV shows are pre planed. Their scripts are already written by their producers. Everything in these shows is fake and decorated beautifully. Previously, people liked these shows, but now everyone is aware that these are fake and pre planned shows. They are not close to realty. These shows planned certain things to increase show’s rating.
  • Negative effects on teenagers: the new celebrities of Reality shows are not there because of talent but because of favoritism. One of the worse effects of such celebrities on the new generation is that the teenagers try to copy their behaviour and acts. Teenagers also try to copy those stunts that were played under some controlled circumstances. 
  • Some times in these Reality shows, some prizes are distributed to audience which shows the greed and ill mannered behaviour. They also use some abusive languages, which pose some behavioral problems. 



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