Role of social media in our life


Many years ago, about in 20th century nobody knew about social media. But today, everyone is familiar of social media even a young kid or an adult, everyone knows the use of social media. They will tell you everything about social media apps which include Face Book, WhatsApp, twitter or many other play store apps. But why social media is becoming too much famous? What is the role of social media in our life? We will discuss it in this article! 

Role of social media in our life:

Social media is an online source of connecting with other people where you can find your friends, family, relatives or your old school fellows. It might be considered as a place where you can make many friends online. But now time and trends are changing, social media is becoming much more than just a meeting place. It has a taken a vital place in our life. 

Now you can not only chat with others but also you can make money and run your own business. Now you can make anything possible with these media apps. We will discuss some major uses of scial media in our life:

  • Run your own business:

Social media can be the best platform where you can promote your own business. It has hundreds of millions of users, so you can set your business online & can marketing of it with others. These social  apps are quite cheap and affordable; you can spend a little money on it and can earn a huge profit. You can do your own business which is known as Freelancing, by which you can make a lot of money.. 

  • Show your talent:

You can use these social  apps to show your talents and skills to the whole world. Most of the people use social media just to show their skill to others. Many have gain popularity just by showing their talents on media apps. If you have any talent just as dancing or singing skills, you can show it to the whole world. 

  • Stay updated:

This is the busiest era, you don’t find time to listen to the News or read newspapers. Then how will you stay updated?  But thanks to social apps, you can stay updated with every important updates and happenings around you. Most of the News channels have also their made Pages on Face book or Twitter, where they share every update. So you will get bit of information’s, no matter how busy you are.  

  • Chance to talk to your favorite Celebrities:

Now the crazy fans can get a chance to see and talk to their favorite celebrities. Don’t wonder! You will get a reply from your favorite actor or stars. All the famous stars and sportsman have their official account on twitter and face book. You can get every update from your Stars. 

Moreover, you can also do political discussion. People can raise any certain issue of the social importance. Many issues of the society can be addressed using these media apps. 

Thus,  media has a great role in our society. You can also share your own views regarding this topic. 


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