Zoom Cloud Meeting App


Zoom cloud meeting application has performed a reliable program for dual audio and video chat, conferencing, and online web seminars.

They are generally interconnected with participants for sharing information and discussing each other’s zoom meeting app on smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

Zoom cloud saves time and money for arranging meetings and seminars in a specific location, to place participants from different backgrounds. 

This app solves many business and companies’ problems to stay connected with sub-ordinates and co-ordinates from any site at a distance. Make sure to install a zoom app in your android phone or laptop and invite up to hundreds of participants to join your online video for conduction meetings, seminars, and presentations. 

Suppose you want to select communication media tools and compare them with others like Skype, both benefit. Zoom is better for staff for video meetings and video chat. At the same time, Skype looks staff’s interconnected solution of business.

It is beneficial for online classes, schools, colleges, and universities’ daily and office staff daily meetings from a distance and interviews. The result of the zoom app is dependent upon internet access quality. The initial is very good, but there is some need to add more features to it. 

Zoom cloud Meeting received an award for delivering online video chatting, conferencing, meeting, and group messaging for Google chrome through the application’s easy operation. If you want to download a zoom application on your computer, search the website, zoom in, the internet search engine, and download it for the meeting portion. It starts downloading. It is genuine software on the world board concerning the solution to the conference hall.

Windows 7, 8 & 10 on PC are supporting the Zoom, Meeting app, and it will be found in the File Horse website. Zoom is free for basic, consisting up to a limit of hundred participants and meeting time, not more than 40 minutes. There are some charges for pro, business, and Enterprise. Zoom is becoming more popular by his that very sample, and likely reaches customers’ demand.


  • It provides HD quality video chat.
  • Good quality of voice.
  • Provide the facility of the video conference to join from outdoor areas by online for participants.
  • Web interconnected group chat and discussing business matters.
  • It is straightforward to operate, for login in the smart phones and laptops.
  • Up to 100 participants can participate on the board in the meeting.
  • Free for 40 minutes at the group meeting on one-time per day.
  • Zoom has an easy process to access the zoom’s Client.
  • It is a local video conference tool that provides an online meeting facility, chatting, and conducting online classes.
  • Four active persons can be viewed on the display screen while others are in hidden options. 


  • Update: 8.9.2020.
  • Size: 98megabites
  • Version: 5.2.45120.0906
  • Users: 100, 000, 00+ 


  • Zoom arrange a live chat, meetings, seminars, and presentations.
  • The operator can share the screen for delivering during the presentation. 
  • Record live video to save sessions and documents from distance team experience reach for different platforms.
  • It is beneficial for an online conference with more than ten lacks persons that participants every day.
  • Supports like live help, help articles, Questions, and answers.
  • Free for starting usage, in which 100 people can participate till a limited time 40 minutes.
  • Zoom provides Better communication with your colleagues and friends every day.
  • Zoom users appreciate the performance of other sources of video conferences.


  • It will be costly if the number of a participant much increased.
  • Some users review it for the difficulty of polling, controlling with remote, and its whiteboard.


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