The United Arab Emirates is a country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman with 9.175 million. The United Arab Emirates is a country with a federation of 7 emirates with 83,600 km square. There are a large number of best educational institutions in the UAE. Studying in the United Arab Emirates can certainly have many benefits like sun, sea, sand, environment, potential tax-free earnings after graduation. At present, the UAE has a literacy rate of 95%. Some of the world’s best universities have annex campus colleges in the UAE, most houses in Dubai educational institute, knowledge village, and academic city.

Best Universities in the UAE:

There are many top universities in the UAE; these educational institutions include public government-run and private universities and colleges. The student who requires financial aid can apply for scholarships to study higher education at a lower cost. There are many exchange programs offered to promote language skills. Furthermore, six universities in the United Arab Emirates featured within the QS world university rankings, and a further seven included in the 2018 edition of the QS Arab region university rankings. 

Top Six Universities in the UAE:

Quality education is a major concern for both students and parents all over the world. Fortunately, the United Arab Emirates offers a range of educational opportunities for both international and local students. If we talk about the top six best universities in the UAE so below is the list of the top six universities of UAE with some information about the universities.

  1. United Arab Emirates University
  2. American University of Sharjah
  3. University of Sharjah
  4. Zayed University
  5. American University in Dubai (AOD)
  6. Khalifa University

UAE universities are ranked the best institution in the country and sixth-best in the gulf region. It was established 40 years ago; it is one of the oldest universities in the whole UAE. Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan founded UAEU in 1976. it offers a variety of courses like IT, media sciences, etc.

  1. American University Of Sharjah:

The American University of Sharjah has declared its ranking among the top 10 universities across UAE. It offers many courses with 73 undergraduate courses and 13 master’s degrees.

  1. University Of Sharjah:

The University of Sharjah ranks third in the UAE and 19th across the gulf. It has a high ranking for both international students and the quality of its faculty. It provides many opportunities for students to offer many programs.

  1. Zayed University:

Zayed University has a good academic reputation and rate as 82 percent on top universities ranking. Its mission to prepare students to contribute to the betterment of the country


American University in Dubai ranks on 23rd in the gulf according to top Dubai educational institute. There are several students enrolled in this university. AUD offers undergraduate, graduate, and many professional courses. Students are also provided with English courses to develop their skills.

  1. Khalifa University:

Khalifa University ranks sixth in the UAE. Its aim to be a major research-based institution with many courses based on science and research. It offers nine undergraduate engineering programs and seven graduate degree programs across mechanical, nuclear, electrical, and computer engineering.


We can say that, many universities in the UAE which offers many programs to students to develop their skills. But the best university in the United Arab Emirates is the United Arab Emirates University. It is the first and the largest university in the whole UAE. The success of UAEU is driven by its staff, students, outstanding network by international companies and organizations.


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