Why Marketers Prefer Motion Graphics Explainer Videos Over Other Styles


Explainer videos using motion graphics are by far the most common sort of these videos. Many significant businesses, like Dropbox and CrazyEgg, have expanded their operations by the straightforward use of an explanatory video on their homepage.

And it should come as no surprise that a lot of business owners aspire to replicate their success. Nevertheless, there is certain foundational information that you ought to be familiar with in order to get the greatest outcomes.

As soon as you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll have a solid understanding of when and how to utilize motion graphics explainer videos.

The Core Difference Between Motion Graphics and Animation?

Motion graphics, to be honest, do fall within the category of animation. However, it’s gained such notoriety that it now has its own dictionary entry.

The creative process is where the two diverge greatly. Drawing each frame by hand is how traditional animation is created. Computer software is used to animate and apply effects to still pictures from a source (often stock photos or original art) to produce motion graphics.

So that you can see the difference between the two, we will provide an example of each.



The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Motion Graphics Explainer videos

The high production costs are the primary factor. Even before they became widespread, everyone knew that videos were the most effective form of advertising. The problem was that few companies could afford to develop their own. 

To do so would have been prohibitively expensive for all but the largest companies. With today’s state-of-the-art equipment and software, an explainer video will cost you around $3000 to $5000.

These innovative video formats have the ability to introduce a product to a target audience, provide essential product information, and entertain viewers at the same time. Back in the early 2010s, motion graphics explainer videos experienced a huge uptick in popularity.

The advent of free video-hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo, and others also had a significant role in this period’s Internet boom.

Because of all that was happening, a growing number of businesses invested in video advertising. As a direct result of such growth, motion graphics became a highly profitable industry.

The Core Advantages of Using Motion Graphics Explainer Videos?

Value for money: Motion graphics are much more cost-effective to create than live-action, 3D explainer video, or traditional animation.

Industry-wide norm: motion graphics integrate superbly with preexisting materials. The majority of your branding and design assets likely already exist in the same file format and editing software used to make explainer videos. You may skip over a lot of production-stage hassles and save yourself a lot of time by doing this.

Adaptability in terms of aspect ratio: Modern video plays out differently depending on the device or platform. That is to say. You could find out through A/B testing that your explainer video does far better on Instagram than it does on YouTube. 

Thus, you should certainly think about this and prepare to have your videos in vertical, horizontal, and square aspect ratios. In doing so, you’ll be able to provide the finest possible watching experience across all of your media platforms. Because of its adaptability to alter, motion graphics is the ideal option.

Continue reading as we break out why motion graphics are the greatest style for explainer videos in more detail.

Types of Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Simple motion graphics

Motion graphics is another name for this. The term refers to the practice of moving images, icons, and other visual components on a screen. This works wonderfully for demonstrating the inner workings of an app or other topics that benefit from a visual demonstration.

Characters in motion graphics explainer videos

It’s possible that this is the most often used format. You may demonstrate real-life events, convey a tale, drive a narrative, and more with characters. The end result may look fantastic and work for any kind of explainer video.


This design is stunning to look at. It’s like seeing a 3D video, except the production costs are far lower. The ability to achieve a high-tech, future-looking appearance is another advantage of this type. It’s a popular choice among blockchain and technology firms.

Paired with other styles

Motion graphics are easily integrated into various forms of animation, including live action, 3D, and more. And for a fraction of the price of more elaborate designs, you can get the same result!

The Right Moment to Use Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Explainer videos based on motion graphics may be used to convey virtually any sort of marketing message. There may be special cases.

If you’re showing off a real product, for instance, it’s best to use live action. Except for such cases, motion graphics are a terrific addition to any video you make to showcase your product’s features or convey your brand’s origin story.

Almost any type of advertising message can be made into a video with the use of motion graphics and explainers. The obvious caveat is that there may be special cases.

An illustration is as follows: 

It’s well knowledge that Airbnb is a corporation that arranges stays in people’s private homes. Naturally, live action would be ideal for demonstrating the many venues available through their app. 

But when they needed to make multiple impressive promotional videos, they turned to animation, and the results were spectacular. The video series has received 5 million views and a great deal of favorable feedback, indicating that it is both popular and well-liked.

How Can I Create a Motion Graphics Explainer Video?

There are two ways to create any video. The first is to use online/offline video-making software. If you search on Google, you’ll come across many blogs and ads claiming to create an amazing explainer video within 10 minutes. 

Well, that might be possible, but the results will not be outclassed. You’ll end up with a video full of stock video clips and images in it. So that will not make your video content unique. Before creating a video, you need to first plan everything in detail.

If you cannot do all this on your own, like planning, production, post-production, marketing, etc. You should hire specialists to do this job for you. Check out this list of finest motion graphics studios, or you can simply contact BuzzFlick for help. They have been offering video animation services for a while now, and they have a dedicated team of experts who specifically create motion graphics videos. 

Visit their website for more details.

In Essence

You should now understand why motion graphics explainer videos are so often used by businesses of all sizes. Explainer videos can be made in a wide variety of styles, but motion graphics have become the norm. There is currently no indication that this will change. 

You can’t go wrong with this content kind because of its inexpensive price tag, adaptability, and potential for significant outcomes.



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