Why Is Cat Grooming Important?

Woman Combs the Cat's Hair with a Grooming Brush, Cat Sitting on her Lap

Some cat owners believe that since their cats are so devoted to grooming themselves, they don’t require professional grooming. Although cats may require grooming less regularly than dogs, there are still many benefits to routinely allowing a professional to handle the work.

To ensure that your cat has a great experience, pick a professional cat grooming service like Sugar Paws, a premium Dubai pet grooming salon, for the best results  and your cat’s overall satisfaction. Here are a few reasons cat grooming is so important for your pet’s health and happiness.

Minimizes Matting

It might be painful or uncomfortable for your cat when her hair becomes tangled and matted. Regular professional cat grooming can help prevent mats by keeping your cat’s fur combed and cut to a healthy length. Your cat will feel less discomfort and have a nicer coat overall if there are fewer mats. By brushing and dematting your cat, you can encourage the distribution of natural oils, which keep your pet’s skin and hair hydrated and healthy.

Prevents fleas and parasites

Although fleas and ticks are not always easy to find on your cat, they can seriously harm their health if left untreated. As the groomer combs through your cat’s fur during the grooming routine, they can alert you of parasites. This enables you to start treatment and protect your cat’s health. This is especially crucial if you intend to board your cat somewhere or travel with it on a plane because most facilities demand that animals be free of fleas and ticks.

Reduces shedding

Professional grooming can play a significant role in ensuring that a member of your household who has allergies can live comfortably with your cat. Regular grooming results in healthier coats and less shedding in cats. Some people believe that their allergies are caused by their cats, but in reality, they are caused by pollen, dust, and other allergens that your cat picked up outside. Bathing frequently makes it easier to coexist peacefully with your pet.

Even if there is nobody in your household who suffers from allergies, decreased shedding means you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning up cat hair from your furniture, clothes, and other surfaces. There will also be fewer hairballs around if your cat sheds less since they are less prone to swallowing big amounts of hair while grooming themselves.

Protects the paws

One of the most frequently neglected aspects of basic cat care is nail trimming. Long nails are unhealthy and painful for your cat in addition to being unsightly. Wild and feral cats regularly wear their nails down, but domestic cats often need extra assistance. They don’t use their claws as often as feral cats do, and long nails can irritate your cat’s feet and make them quite uncomfortable. When grooming your cat, make sure to cut its nails as well.

Prevents ear infections

Cats who are susceptible to ear infections should get their ears cleaned regularly. Long-haired cats are more vulnerable to this than other cats. Preventing wax buildup, moisture, dirt, and debris from getting inside your cat’s ears will protect it from ear infections, ear mites, and other problems. It will also make your precious kitty feel more at ease.

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