Does NDIS Cover Psychology?

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What Is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a disability support program started by the Australian government. This program aims to help people with significant or permanent impairment live independently. Through this program, the government of Australia provides funding for a wide range of support to the participants that enable them to achieve their goals and get better with time. This program also aims to reduce the amount of support each participant needs so they can become independent with time and need less help in their daily lives.

NDIS participants can have mental, physical, and behavioural disabilities, and NDIS provides different types of support services for each disability. NDIS allied health professionals provide therapeutic services for people with mental disorders or developmental delays, and support workers provide assistance with regular activities to people who are unable to perform their personal tasks themselves.

In this blog, we’re discussing whether NDIS covers psychological disabilities for the participants or not.

What Is A Psychological Disability?

Many people suffer from mental health issues from time to time in their lives. It is pretty standard for adults to go through some mental health problems, and it is essential to understand that all mental health problems are not considered psychological disabilities. If a participant has been diagnosed with a mental disorder and it turns into a disability or impairment with time, then it is regarded as a psychological disability.

A thorough assessment is conducted to identify whether a mental disorder causes this disability or not. Participants with psychological disabilities may face difficulty in attending their appointments and looking after themselves.

The symptoms of these disabilities can vary because there are different types of psychological disabilities that participants face. They may experience episodic periods of impairment or a prolonged lasting disability. Their disability support is planned after a complete assessment of their symptoms.

NDIS And Psychology

NDIS provides funds for many mental health conditions. These support services aim to stabilize participants’ condition, so they become as independent as possible. They help in creating coping mechanisms to control their symptoms. These services include different types of therapies for the participants, including occupational and speech therapy. As mental health disorders are episodic, participants have the power to increase or decrease their budget as they think is necessary.

What Doesn’t The NDIS Fund?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme doesn’t fund anything unrelated to the disability or the participant’s goal. However, there are also some other things that NDIS does not fund. When NDIS creates the NDIS plan for the participants, they check whether the required support is appropriate for their body of work or if the participant is already receiving support from a better support provider.

For instance, a participant is diagnosed with a psychological disorder and is requesting clinical support from NDIS. In that case, NDIS is not responsible for funding mental health support in the form of clinical treatment.

There are other support programs that are better at providing clinical support for participants with mental disorders, and if the participants want professional treatment, they are their best choice. They also don’t fund psychology as therapy or clinical treatment as a means to address symptoms of your mental health condition. Clinical health treatment is not considered reasonable and necessary in psychology by NDIS. Hence it doesn’t fund this support.

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