When Should You Hire An SEO Professional?


Should you do it yourself or work with an SEO agency? Although it does not have to be, search engine optimization can be a confusing procedure.

Your website might be one of the first resources users see when they conduct a web search with the help of an SEO expert or agency.

If any one of the following 5 things are happening, then you should not go it alone but prefer a professional company like SEO (Søkemotoroptimalisering) by Mementor.

  1. Google search fails to index your website

It is best left to a pro to investigate why your website is not showing up in Google search results. A seasoned SEO pro will know what to look for and won’t spend any time.

  1. During a site redesign or migration

There are concerns whenever there are significant modifications made to any website’s domain, design layout, CMS platform, URL structure, navigation, etc.

It is not a good idea to trust a talented web designer with the design of your website blindly.

  1. When organic traffic drops

Would you know what to do if you noticed a decline in Google Search traffic? Drops in the traffic on your site can happen due to several causes, and the most of them are reversible. Hiring an SEO professional is an excellent option because fixing it is not always simple.

A skilled SEO pro can examine the pattern of your search traffic, identify the possible reason for your loss of traffic, and offer a proper flawless plan to reverse the decline.

Hiring an SEO professional is an excellent option because fixing it is not always simple.

  1. To reverse a manual action

If you believe drops in organic traffic are the consequence of human action, the first step is to determine what kind of manual action was performed and which pages were impacted.

You must fix all issues on all of the impacted pages before requesting a reconsideration review.

A reconsideration and reassessment will summarize the exact issues with your website, the actions you have taken to deal with them, and the outcomes of those actions.

It needs to guarantee Google that this will not take place again. You also need to ensure that you do not spam the internet in the future. They must all be handled carefully and by a person who is an expert.

  1. Not getting results out of your SEO strategy

Perhaps you have been working with a junior SEO or a reputable SEO agency and your organic channel marketing efforts are not producing the results you wanted or needed.

Possibly your SEO strategy was indeed very effective, and you were too busy to put in the time and work required to keep the lead machine functioning properly.

It is possible that you tried DIY SEO and lost interest in it. It is time to hire an SEO if, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your present organic strategy.

With a peaceful mind, you can carry out your daily business activities while paying more attention to your instinct.


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