What is the impact of technology on the reading & writing habits of the students?


Technology has been improving day by day. It has shifted the world from an analogue to a digital era so that they can fit in the new modern lifestyle. Technology is rapidly changing with the time, thus it has created new challenges & opportunities for the school. Now a day, most of the schools have digital libraries which are equipped with internet facility as well. With the help of this students can study online. 

We have brought Technology in every field of life which is good or bad in many ways. When we talk about negative impacts of Technology, it comes with many valid points. 

Now students use computers to take help in studies which has reduced their own efforts. They can get lot of prepared study material from internet. Technology has reduced the learning ability of the students. Computers can do multi tasks, on one hand; students can do their home works with the help of computers, on the other hand, they can use multi apps related to social networking. 

However, some technologies just as Microsoft word, power point, multimedia, web pages, and doing work from home has made education easy for students. It has helped the students to improve the reading & writing habits with the use of internet.

Technology has also made learning process very easy. Now students can take online help from different study websites. They can also do visual learning by seeing the video tutorials.  Students can do complicated calculation just by the help of scientific calculator or they can also take the help of internet. With the invention of this scientific calculator, students are now able to do any type of complex logarithm questions. 

Why some people are against of Technology?

However, some people have this concern that use of Technology is not good for students as lifestyle it is distracting them from their original goal. It will destroy the learning habits of the students. Students do multi tasking on computers. They jump from studies to the social networking apps, as technology has made it possible to open many programs at a time. It will have negative impacts on them. Multi tasking cause stress to the students which will affect their learning habits. The reason is that students will focus more other programs on computers and they will face more pressure because they want to do more things at a time. 

Another disadvantage of technology is that students are limited to online world only, they will less interact to other people around them in reality. Their interactions with their class mates and teachers reduced. 

Teachers also use projectors to teach the class, they also communicate less with their students because everything students need to study is displayed on those projectors or slides. The interaction of online students is also limited with their teachers because they only need study material from their teachers. 


Coming to a point, we can’t stop Technology from advancing, we should face this fact. lifestyle The only thing we can do is that we must use Technology in a positive way for our studies. We must read books, instead of seeking for internet material all the time. It will improve our reading and writing habits.


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