What is the Digital Marketing Course Fees?

digital marketing course fees

Have you decided to join a digital marketing course but have no idea about where and what fees you should pay? Don’t worry, this article is for you.

Many digital marketing courses are available with fees ranging from anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 5,00,000 or even higher. Before paying the Digital Marketing Course Fees to any institute, you should confirm if it is worth it. Will you get the quality of education and training for the fees you are paying?

Here you will find the right guidance on the cost of a digital marketing course suitable for you. Read the average range of course fees and the 8 important factors that you should follow to make the right choice. However, if you are from Singapore then you must look for a digital agency in Singapore that offer marketing course so that you can learn from experts who have practical experience!

Average Digital Marketing Course Fees- how much should you pay?

Good institutes like Quibus Trainings which provide digital marketing course in Jaipur has a very nominal fee of 25,000 to 40,000 Rs.

However, when it comes to the fees of digital marketing courses, there is no such thing as average. It all comes down to certain factors which will help determine the right amount you should pay for a digital marketing certificate course.

8 Factors on how to decide if you will get the worth of the Digital Marketing Course Fees

1. Trainer experience

The experience of your digital marketing coach does not have a direct relation with the course fee you are paying. But it is an important factor because your learning experience depends upon how experienced your trainer is and how well you can understand in his/her classes. If the trainer can impart professional knowledge to you, it will be beneficial to pay for the course.

In case, if you are not able to find a good digital marketing trainer, you can consult Mr Parmveer Singh Sandhu. He is the founder & trainer at Quibus Trainings digital marketing course Jaipur. He has more than 10 years of experience and the good thing is their institute charges a very reasonable fee which every student can afford.

2. Course curriculum

The first major factor is to know what topics you will learn. Digital marketing is a very wide field, including Content, SEO, Web, Social Media, Google AdWords, and much more. So you should know if you will be learning all the topics, a few of them or only a specific one. If you are paying anywhere around Rs. 30,000 for a digital marketing course, you should be learning all the topics.

3. Practical work experience

You cannot learn digital marketing only theoretically. If that were the case, the supply of digital marketing talent (19%) wouldn’t be so low compared to the demand (59%). To become a digital marketer, you need to get hands-on training in the practical aspects of digital marketing. A course that teaches you by giving practical training is worth it for you. If you can really develop digital marketing skills during the course training, it is worth the Digital Marketing Course Fee you are willing to spend.

4. Certification Awarded

Certificates have their value when it comes to stepping into the world of digital marketing. Whether you want to get an entry-level job, change your field, get a promotion, or acquire clients as a freelancer, a digital marketing certificate from a reputed organization/institute will act as proof of your skills. If you are getting good certifications after the end of the course, the fees you have paid will turn rewarding for you.

5. Does the course solve your purpose?

Every digital marketing course is not designed for everyone; some are for students, some for entrepreneurs and business owners, some for experienced working professionals or freelancers, and a few for all. So when you are paying a hefty Digital Marketing Course Fee, you should ensure if the course is right for you or not. Will it help you gain the basic skills required to get an entry-level job, or will it help you grow your startup or take your business online? If the course serves your purpose, only then should you invest in it.

6. Are you getting Placement Assistance?

It is important to know if the money you are paying as a Digital Marketing Course Fee will help you get placement assistance or not. If you are doing a cheap DM course, the idea of direct placements is out of the window. But when you are paying a good fee of, say, 25 k or higher, you should expect placement assistance. Ask Quibus Trainings, digital marketing institute in Jaipur if they help their students in getting placements.

7. Online course or offline course

Online courses are usually a little less expensive than offline courses, and so is the case in digital marketing courses. You can get a good discount on the online Digital Marketing Course Fee.

8. Duration

The duration of the course is also a significant factor in determining if you are paying the right amount of fees or not. As you know, the digital marketing course curriculum is wide, so a course that teaches for 150+ hours should cost you around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000. The course classes could be held on weekdays or weekends or throughout the week.

Affordable Digital Marketing Course Fees at Quibus Trainings

If you want to enroll in an affordable digital marketing course covering your requirements, then Quibus Trainings is the best place for you. Their Digital Marketing Course Fee is only Rs. 35,000, which covers more than what you are expecting to learn. The additional early bird discount offers are a cherry on the cake.

What is special about Quibus Trainings Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur?

[penci_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpwUI7jRRMA” align=”center” width=”” /]

The Digital Marketing Course Fee of Quibus Trainings is affordable due to many reasons.

Their Digital Marketing Mastery Course has 30+ course modules covering everything about what you should be learning in digital marketing. The classes have a do and learn approach so that you would be doing everything practically on your projects. Be it creating a blog, a website, SEO, running and monitoring digital ads, creating and working on strategies, and so much other exciting work.

The course is suitable and designed for everyone who wants to learn digital marketing. You could be a working professional, student, or entrepreneur; this course is for you.

You will have an experienced digital marketing coach as your trainer. The batch size is limited to 20 students, so you will have the opportunity to interact more and ask your doubts.

Two of the best things about this course is that after completion, you will get 100% placement assistance and industry-recognized certifications:

  • Certificate in digital marketing course by Google, Hubspot, Facebook, and Quibus Trainings.

This is a 4 month classroom course, available in offline & online mode.

Their Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur is the most affordable one. After all, you are getting so many rewarding things in just one course. What more could anyone want!

Best Place for Digital Marketing Course

Overall, you can conclude that Quibus Trainings offers the most rewarding and valuable course in the average Digital Marketing Course Fee range. This course is truly a great opportunity for you to learn in-depth and practical digital marketing at a fair price. Quibus Trainings has been rated as the top digital marketing course in Jaipur also because of the affordable fees reason.

Students PAN India who has enrolled in this course have created a lucrative career for themselves. You should also enroll in this course and join the team of top digital marketing practitioners.


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