I Can’t Connect to My TP Link WiFi Extender

TP Link WiFi Extender

If you are unable to connect to your TP Link WiFi extender, then it means that you don’t have access to its WiFi network (SSID). In that case, you have to be sure that your extender’s SSID is enabled or broadcasting the WiFi network name.
Apart from that, there are also chances that you are accessing an unknown/ neighboring WiFi and due to that you are unable to connect to your TP Link extender. To confirm the same, please visit http tplinkrepeater net setup page using the extender’s default IP. Just in case, you are unable to reach http tplinkrepeater net setup page, then it means you have no access to the extender’s WiFi.
And, after gaining access to the extender’s WiFi, you are still unable to reach the http tplinkrepeater net setup page or connect to your TP Link WiFi extender, then it means that the reason is something else and you need to fix it as soon as possible.
Fret not! We are here to help! In this article we are going to provide you one of the best fixes that will help you to connect to your TP Link Wireless extender in minutes. Let’s take the plunge!

Power Cycle Your TP Link Extender

Well, yes that’s correct! A simple restart is more than enough to make your TP Link extender up and running. So, whenever you feel that your extender is not working as per expectations, simply power cycle or restart it. Here’s how to execute the power cycle process.

1st Step: In case, any of your WiFi devices, even router has gained access to the extender’s WiFi, simply stop that access.
2nd Step: After that, you need to turn off your extender and wait for several minutes.
3rd Step: Turn on your TP Link WiFi extender.
4th Step: Gain access to the extender’s WiFi again.

Now, can we hope that you are now able to connect to your TP Link WiFi extender after restarting (power cycling)? Did you nod in yes? Fab! Nothing could be better that this.

But, I won’t end this article! The reason being, this piece of writing is not only for one or two users. This is for everyone who owns a TP Link WiFi extender (any model). So, if the power cycling process has fixed the issue for half of the extender users, then what about others? And, that is why, for them, I am providing a couple of tips more. You can also keep them safe for future use.

Update Extender’s Firmware

Chances are that your extender’s firmware has become outdated and due to that you are unable to connect to it. So, without much delay, visit to the firmware update page of your WiFi range extender using http://tplinkrepeater.net, and search for the updates available. If you find any, click on the available option and perform tplinkrepeater firmware update process right away.

Note: Firmware update instructions and options vary from model to model. That is the reason we do not provide the complete tplinkrepeater firmware update instructions or options.

Reset and Reconfigure the TP Link WiFi Extender

Improper or partial TP Link Wireless range extender setup can also be one of the biggest reasons behind the issue. So, just ensure to configure your TP Link extender properly in order to connect to it in a hassle-free way.

And, if you are not sure whether you have performed the configuration process of your device in a proper way or not, simply reset and reconfigure it again.

To Conclude

Resetting and reconfiguring the TP Link WiFi extender isn’t something bad! Rather the resetting process will make your range extender brand new. And, after the reset process, you can visit the TP-link wifi extender setup page using tplinkrepeater web address. Reaching the extender’s setup page, you will get complete instructions to configure your device. And, once your extender gets configured, you will have no issues while using and connecting to it.


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