Victory quarter — Cohesity’s greatest day, week, month, and year


Information defender and supervisor Cohesity just recorded its best at any point results with its final quarter financial 2021 numbers, showing a $300 million run rate, driving us to inquire: what’s next?

Cohesity is a startup, consequently not subject — yet — to SEC announcing rules. The quarter completed on Juy 31 and it’s declared an incredible arrangement of numbers, recently indicated by a tweet from CEO and fellow benefactor Mohit Aron. We’ve organized the primary concerns and contrasted them with comparable numbers from the past two quarters:

CFO Robert O’Donovan put out an assertion saying: “In Q4, we had our greatest day, week, month, and quarter, all subsequent in our greatest yesrs. From quickly expanding ARR, to a remarkable net development rate, to solid client development — remembering noteworthy additions for the Fortune 500, the organization is terminating on all chambers and breaking records every step of the way.”

The net extension rate number means the pace of development net of beat from existing clients throughout the last year, and it’s been predictable for 3/4. The normal client win rate per quarter is holding up in the 40 to 50 percent region. The Fortune 500 entrance rate increment has been 35 to 40 percent for two successive quarters. Cohesity clients incorporate four of the Fortune top 10 just as three of the best ten US banks and three of the best five US wellbeing guarantors.

Aron said: “More organizations than any other time trust Cohesity to deal with their information in a world in which ransomware assaults are taking off, mixture cloud is the standard, and the need to get esteem from information has never been more prominent.” The divinations look great.

Cohesity has added three new individuals to its board over the previous year:

Kimberly Hammonds — already the gathering COO of Deutsche Bank AG;

Robin Matlock — joined Cohesity’s board in January, most as of late CMO at VMware;

Loll Iyer — filled in as CIO and Digital Transformation Officer for VMware prior to turning into a Cohesity Advisor.


Cohesity’s business is blasting consistently, the SaaS change is advancing admirably, and the board has been reinforced. What next?  Check it out

In actuality Cohesity has said its Q4 pulled in $75m in incomes, hence giving it the $300m run rate. Nutanix had a $74m quarter in Q4 of its financial long term, finished July 31, 2015, and IPO’d in September 2016. Unadulterated Storage detailed a $74m Q1, finished May 2, 2015, its monetary 2016. It IPO’d in October 2015.

We think a Cohesity IPO is quickly turning into an inevitable result, with 2022 as the probable year. Get the Chief Revenue Officer swap for Michael Cremen set up, start monetary 2022 with one more great quarter, and afterward document the papers with the SEC. That is this present hack’s considering what may occur.


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