CarryMinati NET WORTH


First of all, let us talk about who is or what is this Carryminati? And what is Carminati net worth? Well, He is an Indian YouTube channel. The owner of the channel calls himself Carryminati, but his real and actual name is Ajay Nagar. He was born in Faridabad on 12 June 1999.

He is the number one YouTuber from India these days, the only Indian YouTuber having millions of subscribers on his both channels. carryminati has always been a fan-favourite no more than that everyone’s favourite roaster and YouTuber. 

Well, he has two running channels officially. The first and op channel of his is Carryminati, where he roasts, raps, and much other fun stuff that we will discuss late on, and the second channel is Carryislive, where he does live streams.

Fundamental roles played by Carryminati:

As we know, back in mid of 2016, the trend of roasting channels started and became the most-watched videos on the internet. It was the time Carryminati became viral and began to shine with his unique and funny roasts with his self-created characters like the one and only fan-favourite Tau, Mundal etc. On this channel, he also does skits and raps.

The most inspiring thing about him is that he is the first person in India to start roasting. When it comes to Carminati net worth, it is all because of his efforts and struggles. Many craters, inspired by him, began to burn on YouTube and are well-formed today.


Along with roasting, Carryminati always had a great love for the games. He enjoyed playing video games a lot. He plays every fan recommendation game and does commentary while playing, which makes people laugh and enjoy watching his live streams mostly; his story gameplays and horror gameplays are the best because those are like the same experiences he takes with his audience.

carryminati Net worth:

We all are familiar with that nothing comes out of range when we do our best and hard work.  As per the research, Carminati net worth is India’s number one YouTuber. Compared to other creators, it is the biggest YouTube channel except for T-series, a company, so we do not include that channel here. Well, on both media, he has millions of subscribers. So, according to the source, his net worth is almost around 4 million dollars or near. He might have a net worth of around Rs 29 crore in Indian Rupees and 52 crores in Pakistani rupees, which he obtains through YouTube and its sponsors. So, according to all of this information, his average YouTube income is 1 lakh. His monthly income will be 25 lakh, and yearly will automatically become around two crores.

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt that net worth is far better than any other YouTuber there for entertainment purposes. 

As because of his great interest in grabbing public attention, he is highly successful. Many people follow him because of his way of delivering knowledge uniquely. 

He is very humorous and kind to the people who supports him. There are no negative aspects of him ever reported. He makes his content, and due to his efforts, he is considered the top YouTuber. 

There is nothing like criticism, politics or degrade any personality. As per all the facts and characteristics, it highlights that this person earns millions of audiences and money because of all the views and content.

People are a huge fan of him because of his humorous quality; therefore, if you are the one who does not know about him, you must go and check his channel to get some entertainment.


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