Using an exhibition company

exhibtion company

If you are visiting a trade show, you will want to make sure your stand or booth creates a lasting impression on your target audience. The aim of these events is to build your business reputation and attract future customers.

An exhibition or trade show provides a great opportunity for you to showcase your enterprise and generate interest in your products and services. But without the right marketing know-how, you could be left invisible, fading into the background behind your better-prepared competitors.


If you’re serious about making an impact, employing an exhibition company Sydney could give you that extra edge and make you stand out at your business event.


If you’re unsure what these companies can offer, the answer is everything! Their teams are constructed to help businesses with every step of the event process – from creating eye-catching marketing materials, right down to the delivery and storage of your booth.


Plus, if you find the right company, the service doesn’t stop there. The best exhibition teams will provide after sales service and advice to help you follow up on  leads . Not only that, but they will usually store your stand until your next event, too.


If you like the sound of this service, and think your business could benefit, you’ll want to find the best team out there to assist you in your marketing campaign.


The key thing to look out for is experience. You’ll want to ensure that every element of the process is undertaken by the most experienced professionals in the industry. This means seeking out a company who employ only the most qualified designers and carpenters, and use event managers with knowledge and experience of exhibition events.


You also want to ensure that you’re receiving high quality services and not being ripped off. Why not enquire about the types of materials that would be used in the design and build of your stand? The best companies will use only the highest quality products to provide you with a model you can keep for future use, as well as one that is adaptable to different sized exhibition spaces.


Ensure that the company you opt to use is transparent about their pricing structure. You want their events manager to take your budget seriously, and make sure they adhere to it strictly. You will also want to ensure your time constraints are met, so make sure you’re clear about these details before you begin.


If you’re nervous about putting your marketing campaign into someone else’s hands, try to find a company who can offer you a 3D prototype of how your stand will look once it’s been built. The best designers should be able to offer this service before they undertake any design work so they can make sure they’re building something to your exact specifications.

It’s best to speak to an advisor at length before you sign up, as you’ll want to ensure you’re being provided with the most professional service from start to finish. Make sure you know what to expect from an events manager, and exactly what he/she will be taking care of.

Most events managers are happy to take care of the logistical aspect of the event, for instance organising the event venue and liaising with a delivery team to make sure your stand is transported safely and arrives on time. This should be included in the service, but make sure you check well before the date of the event, as you won’t want any nasty surprises on the day.



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