Getting out of bed has never felt so wonderful

Getting out of bed has never felt so wonderful

At the end of each day, there isn’t much that feels better than slipping into a newly made bed loaded with gorgeous, high-quality materials. For the ultimate comfort and style, stretch out for a beautiful night’s sleep under the rich weight of our 1200tc quilt cover range. Our exceptional quilt covers are designed to the highest standards of quality, sourcing the world’s most premium fabrics and featuring expert craftsmanship throughout the whole range, allowing you to relax in style and comfort all year long.

Feel the Hotel like Comfort at Home

When you slide between the clean, white sheets of your perfectly made king-size bed and snuggle up with a fluffy pillow and the quilt cover, it’s one of the most memorable moments of any luxury hotel visit. The quilt cover is treated with the same care as any other premium amenity at a five-star property. Allow yourself the comfort of sleeping in the 1200 thread count quilt cover range from Bedding n Bath.

What is Thread Count?

A thread count specifies the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The measurement is calculated lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) to generate an overall number. The higher the thread count, in general, the softer the material. The basic premise is that weaving more delicate threads together creates a more luxurious feel.

Bedding n Bath 1200 TC Quilt Cover features

Discover the best in bedroom design and sensuality with our 1200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bespoke Collection bedlinen.

  1. 1200 Thread Count
  2. 100% Egyptian Cotton
  3. Exceptionally durable, soft, and silky smooth
  4. Spun and woven from the finest fibers available
  5. 1 Quilt Cover and five additional pcs are included in each pack.

To Maximize Your Comfort, Choose the Correct Quilt Covers.

What is this ideal thing to decorate and protect your quilt?? Indeed! The quilt cover. It is one of the most important things you should purchase with bedding. Those days are gone when people only used white quilts; now, you can complement the color of your room with a vibrant and attractively designed quilt cover. For those who enjoy bedroom décor, the beautifully designed quilt cover, which matches the bedroom’s design and the bed sheet, is the ideal choice.

Analyze the Quilt Cover’s Purpose.

In this regard, you must consider several factors, such as keeping warm if you live in a cold climate and vice versa. If you have allergies, you should choose an allergy-free cover; if you’re going to buy quilt covers, select ones that are easy to wash, such as 100% cotton. Perhaps, the range of quilt covers is designed to help both transform your space and complement existing décor. With so many fabrics, colors, and patterns to choose from, even the most discriminating decorator will be impressed.

Final Thoughts!

Personal preference and the style of your current space play a role in selecting a new duvet cover. First, of course, you’ll need to decide on a color or pattern that complements your existing décor, but choosing a suitable material is also essential.  Moreover, the budget will play a role in material selection, but the type of room in which the duvet cover will be used will also play a role. Rooms that aren’t intended for daily use can get away with a cheaper material – a spare bedroom. For those looking to create a five-star hotel space home, it’s wise to invest in the highest thread count you can afford.

At Bedding n Bath, we always go above and beyond to ensure our customers achieve the aesthetic and comfort they want. Whether you’re seeking a timeless aesthetic, looking for something more dramatic, or want to keep your colors and fabrics light and airy, you will get all varieties at Bedding n Bath. Please contact us if you don’t get what you’re looking for or have any questions.


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