URL Tracking: Everything You Need to Know + Top 8 Sites to Shorten Links


What is URL Tracking?

URL tracking is the process that allows you to create identifiable links through different analytics platforms and further share them across different media. You can create URLs for a destination website, or for a particular purpose such as track various activities by visiting users.

Activities to track:

  • The number of clicks
  • Number of views on a page
  • Viewing time
  • Referrals
  • New and regular visitors
  • Bounce rates

Why Should You Track URLs?

Tracking created URLs allows you to understand how your target audience is responding to the content you are putting out. Are they finding it relevant? Or do they navigate away from it? URL tracking helps you identify the areas where potential customers may not want to interact with your brand and thus take the necessary steps to make improvements going further. If you’re looking to track any URL, here’s a look at some URL changer tools that come with impressive tracking features. 

Top 8 Websites for Creating Shorter Links and Tracking

  1. Bitly: Bit.ly is one of the most popular URL shortener tools. It allows you to create custom links for your brand, make QR codes for your links, and even track analytics. If you’re looking to create shorter links, you can start off by creating a free account on the site. However, if you want to make branded links, access data reports for your links, or access more detailed features, you will need to upgrade to one of their paid plans that match your requirements. 
  1. Pixelfy.me: It is a smart URL shortener tool that has features for custom links, QR codes, and even deep linking for mobiles. Pixelfy is great for link management as it lets you track your link performance through the detailed analytics available. Although the tool is a paid service, free trials are offered on all paid plans. You can sign up for these trials and test out different features before purchasing the most suitable offer to fit your requirements.
  1. Cuttly: It is a URL shortener tool that allows you to create limited branded domains even on a free plan. If the need arises for a higher number, you can sign up for their paid offerings depending on your requirements. Cuttly also gives you access to link analytics so you can monitor how each link is performing and if it is meeting your desired reach. It is also a user-friendly tool suitable for individuals and organizations.
  2. Rebrandly: Another URL shortener tool that lets you create limited custom domains and links even with a free account. It is a suitable URL shortener for promotional usage with its detailed link tracking features. You can access data reports for your links by upgrading to paid plans available. Rebrandly offers quick redirecting to viewers who can access your sites instantly, from anywhere, and without any hassle. 
  3. Ow.ly: It is a URL shortener tool that comes with different plans that cater to various kinds of requirements. They range from Professional to Enterprise, which means that individuals, as well as business organizations, can conveniently make use of the tool. Although all are paid offerings, you can sign up for a month-long free trial for the Professional and Team plans. 
  4. Tiny URL: It is one of the most simple URL shortener tools available online. You can create custom links even on the free plan. It allows you to track link history and get an insight into link performances. By signing up for the paid plans available, you can deeply monitor all branded links, and URL edits, and even use the custom links as part of SMS campaigns for your business. 
  5. Hyperlink: It is a user-friendly URL shortener with the unique feature of notifications whenever someone clicks your created links. You can also upgrade your plans to access features such as the number of clicks, the location, referral visits, and more. Hyperlink comes with mobile and Chrome extensions so you can create links and access your dashboards from anywhere. 
  6. Bit.Do: It is a clean and user-friendly URL shortener tool with detailed tracking features for link performance. You can even make branded links for your business by signing up for their paid offerings. Bit.Do also lets you generate QR codes for your custom links which makes it easy for promotional use on online and offline media.

With This in Mind..

URL tracking has become essential in recent times for brands to track their engagement and performances. It helps acquire a deeper insight as to how people are reacting to a brand, and if the business is managing to achieve its target reach with the audience. 


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