5 Ways Animated HTML5 Ads Are Better Than Static Banners


Internet consumer habits have changed a great deal over the past decade and are still evolving faster than ever. Increasing distractions bombard people from all directions – from commercial advertisements and content creators to work emails, news, and social media. 

All this distraction makes it harder for marketers to stand out from the noise. Consumers are exposed to countless ads, promotions, and marketers daily, so it is no longer good enough to invest in an advertising campaign and leave it at that; you must be creative with it.

This burgeoning creativity exists in all areas of advertising, and the landscape is incredibly diverse. An excellent example of this creativity is the banner ad. While they may have had web pages all to themselves for a while, HTML5 banner ads are now their rivals.

There is no doubt that HTML5 banner ads are quickly proving to be more effective than static display ads – but you might not know why that is. It is important to learn the differences between these two variations of banner ads to make the right marketing decisions for your brand.

To help, here are five ways that animated HTML5 ads are better than static ads:

Why Are Banners Good for Advertising?

Banners have long been an effective way to advertise your brand online because you can place static display ads in prominent positions on web pages – close to the consumer’s eye line. As a result, they have achieved a track record of being a reliable tool for directing traffic to your website.

Moreover, because a digital advertising company can target specific individuals with banner ads, the success rate is usually high. However, traditional static banners are now facing intense competition from HTML5 ads; these animated display ads have far more creative potential, allowing you to produce increasingly interactive campaigns that wow your audience and keep their attention.

Countless static advertising examples have worked exceptionally well in the past, further solidifying this marketing tactic’s position as one of the best modern ads for businesses to utilize in the digital age. To prove that fact, we will share a few famous HTML banner ad examples to demonstrate the potential of this increasingly popular banner ad while teaching you why html5 is a strong advertising tool and how it improves upon static banners.

They Stop The Scroll

One of the most compelling reasons why HTML5 banner ads are better than static ads is because they stop the scroll. When consuming content online, it is easy to slip into a subconscious rhythm, scrolling pages without stopping to engage deeply with anything (especially not an ad). 

It takes an eye-catching ad to disrupt this flow-state and actively re-engage the consumer. HTML5 banner ads can break this consumer autopilot mode because they are animated and interactive – combining audio and visual to provide a more dynamic experience than conventional static ads.

Ultimately, this type of attention-grabbing, immersive ad is far more likely to catch the eye of busy consumers, especially if it targets the right audience correctly. Given their two-dimensional nature, static ads are less likely to achieve the same effect.

They Create an Interactive Experience

Interactivity is the key to engaging consumers; you are quite literally engaging them rather than relying on copywriting or static visuals to stop a web user from scrolling. Indeed, offering an interactive experience is key to acquiring consumers’ attention, building trust, and establishing an emotional connection between them and your brand. 

The average person receives constant bombarding requests to buy products, click on links, like and subscribe, and reply to messages, so they are increasingly weary of passive advertisement. To stand out, you must reward the audience for their time and attention by creating an ad they can be an active participant in – and that’s what HTML5 ads do.

They Give You More Options

Another reason why HTML5 banners are powerful is that they equip you with more options. As a marketer, you must continually find fresh ways of expressing the same message, which can be challenging if you rely on static ads.

Static ads are highly constricting and limit your creative ideas. You can’t introduce animation into a static banner, after all. In contrast, HTML5 ads afford you plenty of opportunities to be innovative and creative with your marketing.

They Provide More Information

When your banner can change its form, you can fit more information into the same amount of space. This versatility is vital because it gives you a better chance to convey your brand message, entice the audience with benefits, and convince them to obey your call to action.

Simple to Optimize

What also makes HTML5 ads superior to other forms of marketing is that they are simple to optimize, adding to their popularity and efficacy.

There are several different types of advertising avenues that are difficult to create and equally hard to implement. Conversely, HTML5 ads allow you to update them continuously.

This ability to update ads on the go enables you to stay on top of shifting consumer trends and adapt your message accordingly, keeping your brand relevant and capturing your audience’s attention as customer focuses change.

Need Professional Assitance with HTML5 Banner Ads?

Naturally, digital marketing is a tough arena for those without knowledge, experience, or the time to learn how to navigate its competitive playing field. Plus, with something as versatile as an HTML5 banner ad, choosing the right way to use and deploy yours can be a monumental task if you are unsure how to undertake it. 

However, as industry experts, we can help with this area of your marketing campaign. Contact us today and learn how we can take your advertisements to the next level, helping your business reach success beyond what you thought was possible.


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