Tips for the entrepreneur starting online journey


Do you want to learn more about the online journey and where to start on the digital entrepreneurial road? You’ve come to the right place.

YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels

TikTok is getting in copmeittion with YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels. Advertisers go for the short videos because it’s a big trend right now. That’s why you should focus on YouTube and Instagram short-video features. How to get a successful campaign on YouTube shorts? Create a very interesting short-video (vertical video) and put it on YouTube. Buy YouTube views and wait for the reactions. If the reactions from the YouTube users will be positive, rinse and repeat. 

Online fitness trainer

Have you completed training as a fitness trainer? You can only work as a fitness trainer if you have completed the required training course in advance. If you want to become self-employed as an online fitness trainer, you should also have a fitness trainer license. Although this is not mandatory if you are an online fitness trainer, this proof creates trust with your potential customers. As an online trainer, you offer your training sessions via online coaching and video courses. Marketing usually takes place via your own website, but also on social platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. 

Transcribe videos

Transcription means that you create a text from the spoken word. These transcripts are used by YouTubers who want to publish an interview as text. Transcripts can also be used to add subtitles to videos. There are useful videos from all over the world on YouTube, covering a wide variety of topics. The creators of the videos depend on subscribers to promote their own business. People are always being sought here to provide videos with subtitles so that the business can be promoted.  But other companies are also constantly looking for people to create transcripts. 

 Application Coach

If you would like to become self-employed as an application coach, you should have completed appropriate further training beforehand. There are various institutes that offer such training. 

As an application coach, you support people who are looking for a suitable job. A large part of this is the self-reflection of the seeker, through specific questions you can find out where his/her strengths and weaknesses are. You will also support the preparation of the application documents. You sift through job advertisements with them and support them at every stage of the application process. The application market is becoming increasingly competitive. That’s why many applications now use the help of an application coach. This can give the applicant a neutral view and support him in the application process.


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