SPC Flooring: Is it a Good Flooring Solution?


sSPC Flooring

With varied flooring solutions available in the market, it is pretty difficult to choose the right kind of flooring material for your home. When considering different types of flooring options, wood flooring is known to be the most popular choice for decades and still continues to top the list in the flooring industry. However, real wood is comparatively a more expensive material than most other flooring materials. That’s why the market is now flooded with plenty of inexpensive alternatives to real wood floors.

 You can choose a trendy, budget-friendly, wood-like appealing floor material such as SPC vinyl floor instead of a real wooden surface. SPC floorings and hardwood flooring are the two most popular choices that are trending in recent times. That’s mainly because these affordable flooring solutions feature real wood surface layers, creating an elegant and classic style for any room. Moving forward, let’s find out the structure of SPC flooring.

How is SPC flooring constructed?

Also known as rigid core luxury vinyl flooring or stone plastic composite, SPC floorings is soaring in popularity due to its practicality, stylish appeal, and affordability. It is considered an upgraded version of engineered vinyl flooring with a slight difference from the other vinyl flooring options. Its unique and ultra-tough core layer makes it the most preferred choice over other vinyl floors. 

A combination of polyvinyl chloride, natural limestone powder, and stabilizers make up the core layer that provides a stable base for each flooring plank. SPC floorings materials appear exactly like any other engineered vinyl flooring, with the core surface completely hidden. This is the best part of installing an SPC vinyl floor. Here are the layers that make up each plank of SPC flooring:

  • Wear Layer: This is the transparent layer at the top that offers resistance to stains and scratches.  It requires minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned.  


  • Vinyl Layer: This layer can be customized with different colors, patterns, and textures. The prints on the vinyl layer actually provide decoration for the plank.


  • SPC Layer: Made up of polyvinyl chloride, stabilizers, and natural limestone powder, this layer actually makes up a dense and waterproof core for the plank. Its primary function is to provide rigidity and stability to the plank.


  • Sound Absorption Underpad: This is a pre-attached layer, usually comprised of EVA or IXPE foam for offering sound insulation and cushioning. 

Now that you have a brief idea of what SPC flooring exactly is and how is it structured, let’s have a look at some of the powerful benefits offered by SPC flooring options.

Advantages of Installing SPC Vinyl Floors

It is really very hard to balance style and functionality while choosing a floor option for your residential or commercial space. Luckily, SPC flooring provides both along with several other benefits that are as follows.

  • Huge Variation of Styles

SPC flooring comes in a wide range of styles and selections, thus providing you abundant freedom to choose the pattern and arrangement you like. Use your creative skills and try out a mix-and-match pattern to create your desired flooring surface.

  • Resilient to Water and Moisture

 You will be amazed to know that SPC flooring comes with waterproof properties. Unlike other flooring alternatives such as laminate, LTV, WPC, or wood flooring, SPC flooring is highly resilient to water and moisture. This makes SPC flooring an ideal fit for kitchen and laundry areas.

  • Easy to Install

SPC flooring can be easily placed on top of different types of existing surfaces and subfloors. Most of its designs are easy to place, with no involvement of messy, complicated, and toxic glues. This easy-to-install nature of the SPC flooring option makes it even more popular.

  • Withstands Fire

 Perhaps you might fail to consider flooring surfaces while planning to make your home fireproof. Luckily, installing SPC flooring will not require you to put special attention to this. The stone polymer composite used in constructing each plank of SPC flooring makes it one of the best fire-resistant flooring materials amongst vinyl flooring. 

  • Inexpensive Flooring Option

Although SPC vinyl flooring is a bit more expensive than other vinyl floorings options, it costs quite less than several luxury flooring materials such as engineered wood or stone. You can easily install SPC floorings on your own if you want to cut down the labor costs.

  • Low Maintenance

 SPC floorings is an excellent option for busy households as it is highly resilient to heavy foot traffic, scratches, stains, wear & tear, and impacts. It is very easy to clean and maintain SPC floors. You just need to vacuum or sweep the surfaces regularly and mop them with a clean and damp cloth occasionally.


Now that you have read the entire blog, you know what makes SPC vinyl a good flooring solution. Especially, it is an excellent option for homemakers who don’t have enough time to carry out house chores. Above all, the best thing about installing SPC floorings is that if you ever come across a damaged piece or tile, you need not remove the entire floorings. Unlike wood floorings that requires entire floor replacement in case of small damage, you can simply replace the damaged piece. Also, compared to other floorings options, SPC floorings is easy to clean and maintain. 


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