This is How to Keep PPC Agency Fees Economical


As they say, if you want to make money, you need to spend money. In PPC marketing, there’s a good chance that you’ll be making more money when you invest more. According to a Google report in 2018, every dollar you spend on Google Ads returns a revenue of $2 on average. But this 2 to 1 revenue may not be what you’re looking for; you want more.

With an experienced and talented PPC team, you can get more. You’ll get higher ROI for every dollar PPC spent and leads that will soon turn into paying customers.   

How are PPC Agency Fees Charged?

Pay-per-click is a marketing strategy that looks easy but needs focused management to get the best results. PPC agencies can help you create impressive PPC campaigns and produce the results of the best-paid ads, although you must still be actively involved in budgeting your campaigns. Hiring an agency is one of the ways you can make hiring an expert PPC team more cost-efficient.

So how much does it cost to hire a PPC agency? The answer depends on the paid ads pricing model that the PPC agency follows. Here are the most common pricing models:

Percentage of your ad spending pricing

This ad spending model is the most commonly used by many PPC agencies. In this model, you pay the PPC agency a specific percentage of your ad budget. Usually, this percentage decreases as the workload increases.

This pricing model is great for businesses with a higher ad spend to compensate for the percentage decrease as the budget increases. Also, agencies that adopt this model will set a minimum ad spending budget. However, this is not for small businesses with a small budget. You may end up paying expensive fees to keep a PPC agency. 

Percentage of ad spending pricing + management fees

Most experienced PPC agencies have a management fee to cover the costs related to the PPC campaigns of their clients. This fee is charged together with the percentage of your ad spending price. This method is similar to a pricing model that considers the portion of your ads spent as the baseline plus some additional fees.

This pricing model gives you complete control over your PPC account while paying an agency management fee. In addition, your campaign will have an adequate testing and conversion tracking budget on all your pad aids sources.

However, this model is not for small companies with low-cost campaigns. These businesses will work better with the percentage on ads spending model.

Flat rate pricing

Some PPC agencies prefer a flat-fee pricing model. This rate is pre-determined after consulting with you about your campaigns. The agency calculates the cost of managing your campaigns and presents a flat-rate price for their scope of work.

This model works for static campaigns. Flat-rate pricing is best if you want a specific amount of ad spending per month. However, most campaigns are ever-changing, because businesses may have seasonal promos and specials to offer their customers over the course of the year. For dynamic campaigns like these, use a more recommended flexible payment model.

Pricing-based on performance

A pricing-based performance depends on the PPC agency’s achievement. In low-tier actions such as emails, inbound calling, trial services, and demo requests, the agency receives a small percentage of the revenue. Higher commissions will come from closed sales lead origination, etc. 

3 Cost Efficient PPC Strategies 

Digital Authority Partners said businesses must think of ways to keep PPC agency fees affordable. Although you’re hiring a PPC agency to help you with your campaigns, most budgeting and significant decision-making are still up to you. Consider the following cost-efficient PPC strategies for your subsequent movements.

Improve Your Landing Page Content

Improving your landing pages will help you get more conversions and increase the ROI of your PPC campaigns. Landing page optimization will refine the way you engage with your visitors. Optimization will give you more out of your PPC spending, from creating valuable and updated content to enhancing landing page loading times. Improve your landing pages with the following strategies

  • Write engaging and valuable copies.
  • Add images that illustrate your promo or offer.
  • Use a benefit-focused landing page headline.
  • Engage with a relevant special offer.

Use PPC Ad Extensions

PPC campaigns with ad extensions get a higher CTR. Therefore, you’re increasing your ad space when you use ad extensions, increasing your chances of getting clicked. Relevant ad extensions add more links that lead to your site and highlight your products, offers, and services. Here are the most widely used ad extensions to consider.

  • Location extensions and affiliate extensions help your clients find you with your address or a Google map direction to your business location.
  • Call extensions encourage your clients to call your business as soon as they find you online.
  • Sitelink extensions entice your audience to click deep links, which take them to specific pages of your website.
  • Callout extensions – this helps you promote your business in a competitive area. And could be a special offer, free shipping, discounts, etc.
  • App extensions – this encourages your prospects to download your app.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

Nowadays, people prefer to use their mobile devices to find what they need. They use their smartphones to look for businesses or local companies, and therefore, optimizing your landing pages to work on mobile should never be overlooked. It’s not enough to create a clean and responsive web design for your website.

To increase conversion, you must familiarize yourself with the latest digital marketing and ensure that your website is fully optimized for your mobile viewers.

  • Ensure to design your web elements to work on a smaller screen and not simply compress your content.
  • Create a frictionless experience with mobile users: images must be small, have more oversized buttons, and have an option for multiple screens than scrolling throughout a page.
  • Use automatic-fill form fields.
  • Add a call to action or CTA per page.
  • Maintain only a few popups and graphics to improve user experience.

Final Words

You can maximize your PPC ad campaigns and improve conversions and ROI with the following strategies. And only an experienced and efficient PPC agency can help you establish these techniques. In addition, you can make your PPC agency spending more economical by hiring an excellent PPC team for your subsequent paid ad campaigns.


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