Our Favorite Shorts of Summer So Far


This season has been the summer of shorts, and it’s hard to argue with their stylish look and practicality during the warm weather. From high-waisted denim to biker shorts, here are our favorite summer shorts thus far (hint: we’ve included a few styling tidbits).

– Jorts

Denim shorts are a summer wardrobe essential – and with good reason. They’re versatile and stylish yet practical. However, the era of Daisy Dukes is long gone, paving the way for jorts. Unlike their flirty and itty-bitty counterparts, these jean shorts reach just beyond the knee and the lower part of your thigh.

Most people love jorts because they’re comfortable and breathable, two features that make them perfect for the summer. The baggy, loose-fitting design may not appeal to everyone, though. The good news is that jorts are easy to style, plus you can opt for ones with rips and other distress.

Styling jorts is all about balance unless you want a tourist-dad look. For summer night-outs, consider pairing your jorts with a corset—the snug-fitting top and long-and-loose shorts that look ready for warm weather.

– Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are another summer essential that appeals the most to outdoor lovers. The sexy shorts style enjoyed quite a moment in spring, and the trend spilled over to summer. We love that these athletic shorts are uncompromisingly fashion-forward and chic while still relaxed and practical.

As with most snug-fitting shorts for women, biker shorts go well with oversize, loose tops that add more heft and dimension to your above-the-waistline silhouette. This simple rule of pairing biker shorts with baggy tops is all about a balanced look.

The chances are good that you already own a few pairs in gray, black, and other neutral colors. However, you’ll want to spice things up this summer by shopping for trendy and colorful biker shorts. For instance, blue biker shorts possess abundant allure and pair with matching dress shirts, tanks, or other tops.

Instead of sticking with your neutral-colored biker shorts, add a splash of color to your outfit with shoes and tops. For example, a gray pair can be worn with a yellow blouse, creating a combination that’ll take your casual styling to the next level. Likewise, pair of pink flat sandals or low-top sneakers are an easy way to add a touch of casualness to your ensemble.

– High-Waist Shorts

Nothing beats the allure of high-waist shorts, and they’re here to stay! Whether they incorporate a little spandex for tummy control or denim, these shorts are a must-have in your summer wardrobe. High-waist shorts are one of those bottoms that look fab on anyone, regardless of your shape and size.

You can wear these beauties anywhere, and they pair well with most tops. However, in our experience, these shorts look dashing when worn with a tucked-in t-shirt. The look is simple but so practical and flexible.

If you wear a classic pair like high-waist denim, team your shorts with a white top. Then, whether you wear a button-down blouse or puff sleeves, your get-up will look timeless, clean, and crisp.

Of course, if you want to create an outfit in a breeze, go for a matching set of high-waist shorts and a top. And there are many ways to make the pair more casual or dress it up. If you lean towards simple fashion, skip a dress shirt for a bikini top or bralette, which has stayed trendy since making a comeback in 2019.

– Patterned Shorts

If you want to add something vibrant and loud to your summer wardrobe, you won’t go wrong with patterned shorts. These statement-making pieces have come back and are bolder and brighter than ever!

Floral, animal print, camo, stripes, polka dot, you name it – patterned shorts come in an array of fabulous colors and exciting patterns. That means there are endless ways to style them.

For one, floral shorts are trendy now and come in all sorts of fabrics, designs, and hues. Some sport conspicuous floral prints, while others have small, dainty patterns. These feminine shorts are great for sprucing up even the most basic blouses, shirts, and tops.

– Cutoffs

Cutoffs are a must-have in your summer closet. Their flattering silhouette is something out of this world. When styling cutoffs, the rule is to keep things balanced— wear a loose, baggy, or oversized top to bulk up your upper body.

For a fail-proof casual choice, you can count on the combination of cutoffs and a dress shirt. Introducing a pair of leather low-top sneakers into the ensemble is an effortless way to add a touch of stylish indifference to your look.

If you want to make a fashion statement with your denim shorts, wear them with a patterned dress shirt. Round off your ensemble with an embellished leather belt and silver necklace.


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