The Rare Photos Of Eja Lange, Shania Twain’s Son – Where Is He Now?

The Rare Photos Of Eja Lange, Shania Twain’s Son – Where Is He Now?

Eja Lange, Shania Twain Son, lives in Corseaux, Switzerland, with his mother and his stepfather, Frédéric Thiébaud.

The musician started his musical career after seeing the vocalist’s movements. Despite coming from a famous singer and musician’s family, he chooses to stay out of the spotlight.

The celebrity is exceptionally young and preoccupied with setting up his successful career.

Eja Lange’s Age, Early Life, and Family Members- Where is Eja Lange today?

The celebrity child was born to Robert John Mutt Lange, his father, and Shania Twain, his mother, on August 12, 2001, and is from Ontario, Canada. As his parents’ only child, Eja Lange has no siblings.

His mother is a Canadian national, while his father is a South African born in Zambia.

As of 2022, he is 21 years old, and Leo is his zodiac sign. The celebrity child is a native of Canada and has a multinational ethnicity.

He practices Christianity, much like his family.

His father is also a lyricist and record producer who has collaborated with various well-known singers, including Celine Dion, The Corrs, Maroon 5, and Britney Spears.

On the other hand, his mother is a well-known and talented singer and pianist.

He is also the nephew of Jill Edwards, Carrie Ann Edwards, Darryl, Mark Twain, and Jill Edwards.

His maternal grandparents, Clarence Edwards, and Sharon Morrison, tragically died in a car accident.

He also loves singing, just like Eja Lange’s mother. He spends much of his time relaxing in front of the television, having fun, and spending time with his friends.

Additionally, Ryan Reynolds and Millie Bobby Brown are the actors he adores the most.

He also enjoys eating Italian cuisine and is not vegan. Eja Lange adores going to Los Angeles because it is also his ideal destination for a holiday.

His favorite shows are Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, both of which have a grim tone.

Orchestrate is also his most popular album.

He shares his passion for singing with his mother and wants to make his way into the singing industry.

Schooling & Graduation – Where Did He Acquire His Education From?

Due to the fact that he was born to famous parents, the renowned child was homeschooled for his education.

He completed his secondary education in 2020 and will either be ready to pursue his career or anticipate focusing on more. No factual information is available for his further education.

Height, Weight & Body Measurements – How Does He Looks Like?

Eja Lange stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches, around 178 cm or 1.78 m. Eja Lange is a tall, slender person with a healthy body weight of about 75 kg or 165 lbs.

His hips are 36 inches, he has a 36-inch waist, and his chest is 42 inches. Likewise, his bicep measures 14 inches in length.

He has a fair build and wears shoes that are a size 9 (UK).

Additionally, the superstar child is quite athletic and has light blue beautiful eyes and blonde hair.

Social Media Appearance- Eja Lange Avoids Spotlight

It was discovered that the superstar kid has a few accounts for online entertainment, as suggested by several sources.

He might develop later and create his authoritative web entertainment accounts once he becomes successful on his own.

 He uploaded pictures of himself and his mother on July 7, 2020. There are just a few of his images on the Internet too.

What does Eja Lange do for a living?

It’s hardly surprising that Eja has followed both of her parent’s footsteps and became a singer, given that his father is a producer and her mother is a successful singer.

Given that Eja Lange has his mother’s passion for music, it appears that he will follow in her footsteps.

He enjoys discovering new musical genres and spends most of his free time listening to various types of music.

Since the day he experienced growing up, he has been paying attention to and developing his understanding of many genres of music.

However, Shania’s child prefers not to act and be a performer and enjoys orchestrating the music.

While he hasn’t put much effort into creating new music, he has shared a sample of some of his remixes on a Soundcloud website, paying homage to some rather iconic takes for works of art like ‘Bcause’ by The Beatles.

While his mother is from the country orientation, Eja leans toward technology, and a lot of his music contains dance and EDM elements.

Regardless, no concrete information is available regarding his career or what he will pursue in the future.

When Shania Twain learned more about his passion in an interview, she concluded that he was musically obsessed.

His mother stated that he is very sure about his music and is usually incredibly thoughtful.

Shania also revealed how much he admires and loves each and every one of the singers working today. He had always kept his business private and maintained a spotless reputation.

Eja Lange photos shared by his mom

On Mother’s Day, Shania Twain celebrated the occasion by cherishing her special relationship with her son, Eja Lange.

The renowned singer posted a lovely throwback photo of herself holding her now a 20-year-old baby boy in her arms on social media.

The photo appears to have been taken on a ranch, and Shania can be seen sporting a knitted floor-length sleeveless cardigan that revealed her toned abs as she showered her son with affection.

Her fans flooded the post with heart emojis and wished her a happy Mother’s Day with heartfelt messages.

Mother Of Eja Lange, Shania Twain

Canadian singer Shania is the top-selling female artist in bluegrass music records.

She became one of the most astonishing-selling music craftsmen in history after selling more than 100 million pieces of music.

Shania Twain was arguably the biggest name in music for a long time.

The performer rose to fame in the music industry in the 1990s and has remained a potent force in the industry ever since being dubbed the Queen of Pop Country.

The amusement publication Billboard has profiled this 90s country-pop mashup star. The musician began her career in 1983 and has been involved with the music industry for approximately 39 years.

In an interview, she spoke about never wanting to experience motherhood because she thought it would prevent her from achieving her professional goals.

However, now her views are entirely changed on motherhood. She believes her child to be the best gift ever.

What Happened To His Parents? Why Did The Couple Part Ways?

Robert John spoke with her on the phone after listening to her song, which is how his parents first got to know each another.

The pair married in a private ceremony on December 28, 1993. The couple was blessed with a child named Eja in 2001.

After 15 years of marriage, Shania Twain filed for formal separation in May 2008 after learning that her husband, Mutt Lange, had been having an affair with both her personal assistant and her closest friend Marie.

On May 19, 2008, the couple responded that they were unsuitable for each other and decided to part ways for personal reasons.

In June 2010, the former couple’s divorce was officially finalized. During the process of his parent’s divorce, Eja truly assisted his mother, Shania Twain.

After his parents split up, his mother married Frederic Thiebaud, Marie Anne’s husband, and was close to her.

However, his father had started dating Marie-Anne, a friend of her ex-wife.

Eja Lange father- His Relationship With His Dad

After his parent’s divorce, Eja moved in with his mother, and there is no information about him meeting his father or spending time with him.

Some sources say he doesn’t share a good bond with his biological father. He was just six years old when his parents parted ways.

Eja Lange’s Relationship With His Mother

His relationship with his mother, Shania Twain, is very strong. He shares a close bond with his mom.

Shania mentioned in the conference that her son Eja had melodic traits. He has an outstanding sense of melody, and she has no doubt that he will pursue his career in the music industry.

Eja’s mother says he is also fond of writing and producing.

The mother-son duo occasionally works together in the studio to talk and share ideas.

Due to Shania’s use of an expert device and Eja’s use of reasoning, the alternate framework they are working on is a bit confusing.

The two combine professionalism from his mother and logic from him, work on complicated ideas and try to bring them to life.

However, they created a remarkable bond by sending music back and forth while the vocalist used a guitar and her child used a synthesizer.

Eja Lange net worth

The estimated net worth of Eja Lange is estimated to be $550 thousand (USD). Eja Lange is entirely concentrating on his future at the moment, and he currently hails from a prosperous family.

According to Dirt, he allegedly bought his most memorable home in Los Angeles in December 2020. He spent $1.8 million on a starter home in Los Feliz’s Eastside when he was just 19 years old.

On the other hand, the estimated value of his mother’s net worth is $400 million (USD).

He is fortunate to be introduced to a family with no financial concerns because the entire family has been leading a lavish and fantastic lifestyle.

He doesn’t want to become a performer

In a recent interview with Sounds Like Nashville, Shania Twain shared her relief that her son, Eja, is not interested in being a performer.

Twain believes that Eja will enjoy music more by being the creator of music rather than the person out in front. She recognizes that being a performer can be taxing, and she believes that Eja’s quiet confidence and introverted personality will suit him well as a creator.

Twain’s views on Eja’s musical path are not new. In a 2017 interview with the New York Times, she reiterated that Eja doesn’t want to be a performer and is more interested in his father’s realm of things.

Twain has given Eja some of her vocal stem files for experimentation, but she has also emphasized the importance of him finding his own voice and style.

Twain’s upbringing has also influenced her parenting style. She grew up in poverty and had to raise her younger siblings after their mother and stepfather died in a car accident.

She has made a conscious effort not to spoil Eja and has instilled in him the value of simplicity. For Christmas, Eja only receives three presents, and anything he doesn’t use after a month is given to charity. Twain bakes a cake for Eja’s birthday, which is all he’s ever known, and he looks forward to it each year.

Twain’s approach to parenting is refreshing in a world where excess and extravagance are often celebrated.

She recognizes the importance of not spoiling her child and teaching him the value of simplicity and giving back. By instilling these values in Eja, she is helping him develop a strong sense of character and responsibility that will serve him well in the future.

Overall, Twain’s comments about her son’s musical aspirations and her parenting style reveal a grounded and thoughtful approach to life.

She understands the importance of finding one’s own path and being true to oneself, whether it’s in music or in life. By raising Eja with these values, Twain is setting him up for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

He has a dog named Luna

In 2021, during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, host Kelly Ripa brought up Shania Twain’s dog Luna, who had appeared in one of Twain’s video interviews.

Ripa asked if Luna was Eja’s dog, to which Twain confirmed, saying that her son had a dog named Luna and that she missed him because he was off doing his own thing. She then introduced her new puppy, Camper, whom she had gotten as a companion.

Twain has always had a love for animals, and Eja seems to have inherited this trait from her. She has had several pets throughout his life, including dogs and horses. In fact, she credits her pets for keeping her inspired and happy.

In addition to instilling a love for animals in Eja, Twain has also tried to pass on some of her feminist values to him.

On Allison Kugel’s podcast Allison Interviews in 2020, she talked about teaching Eja that women are capable of their own independence, decision-making, and financial support. She also emphasized the importance of empathy and supporting the women around him.

It seems that Eja has always had a strong sense of empathy. Twain recounted a moment from when he was only 7 years old, during her separation. She was crying and listening to sad music when Eja walked up to her and asked why she was crying. Despite being initially surprised, he hugged her and went back to what he was doing after she explained the power of music and its ability to evoke emotions.

Twain’s upbringing, which was characterized by poverty and hardship, has influenced how she raises Eja. She has been careful not to spoil him and has taught him the value of simplicity.

For instance, she limits the number of gifts he receives during Christmas and encourages him to give away anything he doesn’t use after a month.

Overall, Eja seems to be growing up with a strong sense of empathy, simplicity, and an appreciation for animals, values that his mother has instilled in him.

While he may not be interested in performing, Twain believes that he will enjoy music more as a creator, and she has given him the freedom to find his own path.



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