3 Interesting Lifestyle Facts about America


America is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is a relatively new country in global terms having been founded on July 4th 1776 when the declaration of independence was signed which essentially freed it from control by Great Britain. Whilst it may not have many centuries of history, it is a land where culture, lifestyle, and values can be quite unique when compared to other countries. It is a fascinating place to visit offering both jaw-dropping natural beauty in wonders such as the Grand Canyon and a wealth of national parks along with sprawling metropolis urban areas. In this article, some interesting facts about America will be discussed in detail.

1. Gun ownership is part of the national identity 

It is a fact that no other country on earth has the level of firearm ownership as America. Astoundingly there are actually more guns than people with an estimated 393 million firearms in America that are owned by civilians alone. Americans like to own guns for a variety of reasons. Firstly, hunting trips are extremely popular, and going for a weekend of hunting with close friends is a common cultural pastime. In addition, shooting ranges and gun clubs are widespread across the states and many gun owners make their own custom-built weapons using kits supplied by manufacturers. In America, you can use 80% glock kits to make your build fun and easy. Many Americans opt for this route of firearm construction when working on a custom handgun project that does not require an expert level of building skills. 

2. America was instrumental in creating the internet

Today, the modern culture around the world is fueled by information from the internet. Billions of human beings use social networks daily to catch up with friends and share life experiences online. Our working worlds are no longer confined to offices thanks to the internet which has heralded an era where it is perfectly possible to work effectively from home with nothing more than a laptop and a strong Wi-Fi connection. America was instrumental in the founding and development of what became the internet that we know today. In the 1960’s the idea of having an “intergalactic network” of computers was first raised by staff at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) before the ARPANET (which was a prototype of the modern internet) was created in 1996. MIT also took center stage in 1990 when the world wide web was created which served to make the world’s information easily accessible. 

3. 10% of Americans will work at McDonald

America’s love affair with fast food is well known. Every town, city, or small urban area tends to have multiple fast-food establishments such as Pizza Hut, KFC, and Mcdonald’s. Fast food is ingrained in American culture and lifestyle since the first drive-thru restaurants started to appear in the 1950s. It is a fascinating fact that approximately 10% of all Americans will work for McDonald’s during their working careers. For many, this will be the first step on the working ladder before moving on to more intellectually stimulating work, but it remains a truly memorable piece of American lifestyle trivia.


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