Stanford University- Leland Stanford Junior University


Stanford University is a leading and private research institution that offers every individual an excess towards comprehensive education and global learning opportunities. It founded in 1885 by Leland and Jane standard thus can be recognized by its name.

As per the academic contributions, it is one of the top universities in the country. The university mainly organized around seven schools. Among all three of the schools contains approximately 40 academic departments.

The other four educational focus on the graduate programs that comprises of the following courses;

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Education
  • Business

Administration and organization

Stanford University is non-profit universities that are under the administration of the corporate trustee. It governed by the board of trustees and is highly manageable up to a great extent.

There is full membership that the trustees appointed to the people. The trustee also oversees the following aspects;

  • Stanford Research Park
  • Stanford shopping centre
  • Stanford university medical centre
  • Cantor centre for visual arts

The president serves as chief executive officer of the university to manage all the financial and business affairs. Furthermore, duties to the officers also prescribed, and the course of studies are adjusted.

Student life at Stanford University

When it comes to the question about a student at Stanford University‘s life, it is highly recommendable there are about 600 student organizations at present.

Funds also provided to the people, which comprises special funds to facilitate students to promote their culture. Among different benefits provided to the students, some of them magnified as follows:

  • Sports carrier as athletics
  • Student housing
  • Traditions
  • Religious life
  • Training of moral values and ethics
  • Students safety


Stanford University is most selective in this category as there is a tough job as the rate of acceptance is only about 4 per cent. The admissions Click mainly occur based on the SAT score that must in between 1440 and 1570.

Furthermore, it also accepts the ACT score in the marking of 32 and 35. One-quarter of the students have achieved the score above these marking, and similarly, the quarter among them score below these ranges.

Students admitted before the deadline date after the submission of the application fee.

Academic life at Stanford University

There is an exceptional ratio provided in between student-faculty that is about 5:1. There is a different category of significant subjects, the most common and popular among them listed as follows:

  • Engineering
  • Computer
  • Support services
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Social sciences
  • Information sciences

Thus, it offers a vast field and provides a great variety of directions for the students to follow their profession and get an extra-ordinary lifestyle and leadership.

Final Words

After getting into the different aspects related to Stanford University, I hope you are well familiar with its tuition and financial aid. It also assures campus safety to the students getting admissions.

It also leads to several services like daycare, health services, health insurance, placement services, women’s centre, and many more. The campus security is 24 hours assurance.

There is also magnificent availability of emergency telephones, controlled dormitory access, lighted pathways, and religious values greatly concerned.

Every student is provided with the fundamental rights to follow the rules according to their religion and culture. For non-muslims students, alcohol is allowed at a certain legal age. Otherwise, it is prohibited.

So, suppose you are the one looking to get admission to this university. In that case, it is an excellent idea because it provides a standard and quality of education and facilitates its students in every field of life.

Studying there provides you with the surety of other job and employment assistance as well.


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