How To Build A Network Marketing Business With Facebook Live

Marketing Business With Facebook

Are you currently building your network marketing business?

If you’re reading this text, probably you’re a seasoned network builder or someone new in multi-level marketing (MLM) and searching for ideas to make awareness for your marketing business online.

In this article, i will be able to share with you ways i exploit social media tools to make awareness and interest for the merchandise in my business.

As another advantage, the method also helps my business associate generate leads for her network marketing business.

The tool that i exploit to grow my MLM business is Facebook Live streaming.

Unforeseen life challenges

On the primary weekend of September 2020, I visited my ex-colleague’s wife’s house with the intention of doing a Facebook Live interview together with her.

Her name is Sandy C and she or he has only recently signed up together of my business associate.

She got into network marketing after seeing my success within the business on Facebook and she or he also wanted to create a further income source for herself and her family.

Here’s her story.

Sandy C works during a travel baggage manufacturing company in Kuala Lumpur.

Six month after the primary Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia back in March 2020, Sandy’s boss sent out a corporation wide memo.

The company is in financial trouble and should not be ready to meet payroll.

Due to the nationwide lockdown, the travel industry is on standstill.

Since the corporate makes travel baggage, sales have dropped sharply and therefore the company isn’t ready to sustain itself anymore.

Sandy and every one her colleagues got 2 options.

They can either resign or take a half month compulsory no pay leave and stay employed with the corporate.

Fearing unable to seek out another job if she were to resign, Sandy took the second option.

She works only 2 weeks during a month and effectively her income was cut by half.

Because Sandy features a young daughter reception, she was trying to find a copy plan for herself and her family.

That was why Sandy reached bent me.

Facebook Live beginner

Sandy joined my network marketing team a couple of months ago.

When she signed up, she actually bought a couple of of the company’s product for herself and her daughter.

A few weeks ago, I met Sandy at her house. She mentioned that she and her daughter have had good experience using the merchandise.

Her daughter’s cough seems to have subsided since she started taking the supplement.

These are excellent testimonials and that i wanted to right away do a Facebook Live interview together with her.

However, Sandy declined saying she is camera shy and she or he wouldn’t know what to mention.

I encouraged her to undertake and yet she still decline.

I met up with Sandy again recently and that i told her i would like to try to to a Facebook Live interview together with her.

This time, she agreed.

The reason I wanted to try to to a Facebook Live interview with Sandy was to assist her start to grow her MLM business.

She must start telling her friends and relations that she has started a home based business and therefore the best thanks to do so is via social media which is Facebook.

If you’re building a network marketing business, know that Facebook may be a very powerful tool you’ll use to make awareness and also to get leads.

The best thanks to make use of Facebook for your business is via Facebook Live.

Knowing the way to do Facebook Live is now an important skill you’ll got to build an immediate selling business.

The question is, where are you able to find out how to try to to Facebook Live interview?

The only thanks to acquire the interview skill on Facebook is to only Do It!

That was exactly what I wanted to try to to for Sandy once I met up together with her at her home.

I wanted her to return out from her temperature and begin doing Facebook Live.

During the short interview, Sandy shared her personal experience using the merchandise.

I also asked her about her daughter’s experience and she or he shared her story sincerely.

For the first Facebook Live interview, Sandy did alright.

I am very pleased with her.

She has now taken the very initiative to beat her fear.

Hopefully, she’ll grow more confidence and believe herself that she will build a successful MLM business.


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