Playa Cerca De Mi: Tips To Find, Apps And Best Beaches


Playa cerca de mi: If you want to enjoy a day of relaxation, swimming in the sea, feeling the sand, or sunbathing, you should go to the beach near you. Do you have the courage to experience something different? The USA has a paradise-like beach where you can enjoy it with friends and family. If you have nothing to do over the weekend, you can already create your plan. You can enjoy beach with licoreria cerca de mi.

How to find playa cerca de mi?

To find the beach near your home, you can use various tools that will be useful. Currently, technology provides us with several applications and locators, and we will be able to find any address with just a few clicks on the phone or electronic device.

If you need to know any search engines that can guide you to find the playa cerca de mi, we recommend you continue reading this article to show you the best locators.


It is a platform that allows you to search for locations near you if you need to find a beach near you.

Just go to the web, write “beaches near me,” select a location, and you’ll see a list of options you can visit right away.

For Miami lovers

For Miami Lovers is another website that helps you find the closest place to your home. To find a beach in your residential area, just enter its portal and enter what you want to search. It is very easy to use. You can use it without great knowledge of the technology.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the best and easiest way to find playa cerca de mi. Below are the appropriate tips for finding playa cerca de mi.

  • First, open the Google Maps application on your laptop or mobile phone.
  • Turn on the location and let Google know your exact location.
  • Open the search bar and write playa cerca de mi.
  • Google will show you all the beaches present in your area.
  • Google further provides directions from your location to those beaches.
  • The Google map also displays the opening and closing times of the beach time.
  • It can also tell if the beach is open or closed.

Get your guide

This is another search website where you can find the beach near me if you go to the site. You will immediately see the search bar and click USA to select your city and click in search. Then, another menu will appear so the system can select one of the beaches near that area to get more information about it.


It’s a free app that lets you search nearby beaches without having to connect to Wi-Fi, and it also displays weather forecasts to help you plan your trip to the beach.


Since it is the most famous service and product search site, you can find playa cerca de mi by visiting it.

When you access it, write “Beaches near me” in the search bar, write the city name like “Miami Beach, FL” in the next field, and click the magnifying glass. On the next page, you will see a small review and a list of all the beaches in your city, but if you open that beach page, you will know where it is, and you can read the full review.

How do I search for beaches near where I am?

There is the most famous search engine to search the beach near the current location.

Playa cerca de mi
Playa cerca de mi

Google Earth

As many of you may already know, Google Earth allows you to search for desired locations from satellite images of cities around the world, including beaches.

  • First, start Google Earth.
  • Open the three-line section on the left and select Find.
  • Type beaches near my current location in the search bar.
  • Below the search bar, you’ll see a list of all the beaches closest to your current location. On the right side, you’ll see an interactive map, where if you’d like to get more information about that beach, open More Info to see images and complete information.

Swim Guide

It is a website that has information on 8000 beaches. To search for a swim guide, visit the site.

Open the magnifying glass next to the beach finder tab on the top menu.

On the next page, you will see a search bar where you write the beach near my current location; click on the magnifying glass so you can choose one of them, and you will see a list of beaches in your current location and that page will look at the picture, description of the beach and interesting details. You will get to know everything about the beach you selected.

Beach nearby

If you go to the link destination, it is a site where you can find the beach. Unlike other search engines, the site is made up of user-provided information, images and interactive maps. In any case, each beach has a page with a score based on images, information and other users’ experiences.

Best beach near me in the United States

There are many, but the best beaches near me are as follows:

Siesta key

Siesta Key beach is a typical beach in the Caribbean, and the white sand is fine enough to look like you are walking on white powder, the sea with clear water, a very clear green color, and it is a beautiful beach where you enter in it, you can see fish swimming at your feet.

This is also a safe beach, ideal for family visits and with free public parking.

Driftwood beach

It is a wonderful beach, famous for its long years of eroded driftwood and unique trees. On-street parking is available at each access point.

Moonstone beach

It has a vast coastline beach where you can swim with fish in a wonderful landscape. You can practice water sports such as surfing and whale watching during the season or stroll along the beach and enjoy dinner in the many dining areas in Moonstone.

Ruby beach

It is a vast beach with a characteristic shape of rocks. If you visit at low tide, you can see marine life, such as crabs and starfish, and a pool that the whole family, including children, can enjoy.

Swim, hike between cliffs and enjoy the waterfalls that fall from Mount Olympus, watch the lighthouse and destruction islands at low tide, and enjoy the sunset on the West Coast of the United States.

Private playa cerca de mi

A private beach is recommended if you want to enjoy the sea but like to spend time alone and not be noisy around. Because there is no stranger nearby, you can swim and enjoy without being disturbed. Also, consider this alternative if you want to hold a party or an intimate event.

Hotel South beach

The Hotel South Beach is an exciting place to stay and enjoy a private beach.

You can also book a pool for yourself and take a good dip. You can also drink a cocktail or enjoy the hotel’s magnificent terrace. If you want to enjoy it more, you can invite friends and family, talk and laugh, and agree to do surfing, campfire and other recreational activities all night long.

Tropical beach resort

Tropical Beach Resort is a hotel located a few meters from the private beach, which is one of the best beaches in the United States due to its perfect ecosystem.

You can rent jet skis and play sports on the sea or white sand. You can also practice golf at this place if you want, and you can also participate in cultural events. As if it wasn’t enough, you’ll meet a dolphin or manatee and definitely like it. And if you want to relax, you can also enter the hotel’s private pool.

Nautilus by Arlo

If you want to spend your vacation in the United States, plan to go to Nautilus by Arlo. You must visit this hotel located in Miami Beach before leaving America. In this place, you will find spectacular beaches where you can swim, sunbathe while you are lying on the sand, and enjoy beautiful views and birds flying in the blue sky.

Public beach near me

Considering the beaches listed below if you want to visit a nearby public beach. There are a number of beaches in the United States that are open to the public. Prepare to enjoy the sea with your beach goods.

Playa cerca de mi
Playa cerca de mi

Panama City beach

If you want to enjoy it, you can visit Panama City Beach. It’s a very popular public beach in Florida with several attractions. Hundreds of sea lovers visit the site regularly. They are hosting spectacular events and festivals throughout the year, so don’t wait any longer to get ahead and enjoy this wonderful natural landscape.

Hollywood beach

Hollywood Beach is another option to visit during your stay in the United States. On the beach, you can enjoy a variety of activities, including biking, rollerblading and walking. There are also several restaurants in a very commercial area so that you can eat delicious seafood dishes. There are also clothes shops and swimwear shops.

Clearwater beach

Clearwater Beach is a beach where you can enjoy the sea, the sandy beaches, and family-friendly attractions. You can also rent a cabin and spend the day. If you are taking small children, you need to encourage them to learn about the playground. That’s not enough, but you can enjoy the marine aquarium in this area. Here you can observe marine life such as dolphins and sharks.

Beach Benefits

The beaches are the most wonderful and most enjoyable nature this earth has to offer us.

  • After a day on the beach, you will definitely get a good sleep.
  • Going to the beach relieves stress.
  • If you go to the beach, you can consume one day’s vitamin D in only 10 minutes.
  • Going to the beach increases your ability to fight infections.
  • There are endless opportunities to exercise on the beach.
  • Going to the beach is like going to a skin esthetic.
  • Aerobics in water reduces inflammation and pain.
  • After a swim, breathing becomes easier.
  • Getting more iodine in the body by bathing in the sea.
  • On the beach, you can connect with yourself and your spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which playas in California near me are open all day?

On hot weekends, the following beaches in Southern California are open.

  • Dana Point – Dana Cove. Every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Doheny State Beach: Every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Huntington Beach: Every Day from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Laguna Beach: Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

What’s the best Playas de Miami beach?

Recommended Miami Beach for Beach Vacations in Florida.

  • South Beach
  • North Beach Oceanside Park
  • Surfside
  • Haulover Beach
  • Sunny Eyes Beach
  • Historic Virginia Key Beach Park
  • Clandon Park Beach.


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