Best farmacia cerca de mi in the USA 2023


Farmacia cerca de mi: If you still do not know the location of the pharmacies in your residence, I invite you to discover the best farmacia cerca de mi in the USA. In this way, you will know where to go in case of an emergency, or if you want to buy a medicine.

If you still can’t locate some places like clinical stores or pharmacies, in this section we will show you the best applications to find pharmacies near my location. Keep reading!

Farmacia cerca de mi

Did you know that in the United States it is the large drug chains that dominate the market? Although it is true that because of the consumerism that exists in this country, people are carried away by the big names that invest a large amount of money in advertising, but this does not mean that you receive the best service.

It is the small establishments, the independent and community drugstores, which generally offer lower prices for their medicines. For this reason, and due to the difference that may exist between the cost of one and the other, it is best to know the farmacia cerca de mi, in order to choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to search for farmacia cerca de mi?


To start with the farmacia cerca de mi, we have the Vademecum website, a site focused on providing you with all the information you need on the subject of health. In addition to this, it provides you with a practical and easy-to-use locator where you can locate the different pharmacies near you.

On the other hand, a notable benefit of Vademecum is its extensive search functionality. That is, through it you can locate the medicines and laboratories near you.


In the same way, you will have the Yelp application available. Although, it is normally used to locate stores, hotels, or bars, you can also use it to find a farmacia cerca de mi. Through the website or app, you can check the information of the place, prices, opinions of other users and the ratings given.

CVS pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is an extensive chain that is found throughout the United States, and that also provides you with a very useful pharmacy locator, where you can check the location of the closest drugstores to your residence. In addition to this, you can receive medical care online quickly and effectively.


This is one of the pharmacy applications that we highly recommend, because it offers you detailed information on more than 17,200 medicines marketed and authorized by the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges.

Bot Plus is very easy to use, since it has really friendly features, which is why thousands of Americans are already using it.

Universal pharmacist speaker

If you are a Spanish-speaking patient or you still have problems with English, this is the application you need, because Universal pharmacist speaker offers you hundreds of questions and answers in 12 languages; In addition, you can talk without any problem, because it has an audio translator, so you can indicate your symptoms, or investigate if the medication has side effects.

Vademecum Mobile 2.0

This is another of the most consulted pharmaceutical applications in Spanish, since it offers up-to-date information on all the medicines that are on sale; Likewise, you can find out with this application which pharmacies near me are open, and the best thing about it is that you can find out which are the generic drugs, which are generally cheaper

Farmacia cerca de mi via Google Maps

To conclude, we close with the Google Maps application. As we well know, the Google Maps website allows you to carry out effective searches. Since, if you place in the bar “farmacia cerca de mi” automatically, the results closest to you will appear.

In the same way, through the app you can view the coordinates of the place, different routes to get there, schedules, web pages, comments, and more.

Pharmacies near me with home delivery

Knowing the pharmacies with home delivery is of great importance, in case you cannot leave your home, or do not occupy enough time to go to a nearby drug store.

Laredo Downtown Pharmacy

To start with the pharmacies that offer home delivery, we have Laredo Downtown Pharmacy. Located in Texas, this pharmacy is distinguished by offering a remarkable, immediate, and professional service. In addition, to provide you with medicines and health products made with the best quality on the market.

Make your purchase of medicines through the website or telephone numbers, and receive your order in the comfort of your home.

Lorraine Pharmacy

Lorena Pharmacy offers you a wide list of services aimed at improving your health and that of your family. In this place you will not only find high-quality medicines, but also medical equipment such as wheelchairs, orthopedic devices, and much more, not to mention that the prices are very accessible.

Peterson Pharmacy

To culminate with the farmacia cerca de mi with home delivery, we close with the Peterson Pharmacy family, where you will find excellent service and attention from the staff that operates in this chain. In addition, you can find a wide variety of medications at good prices.

Pharmacies near me open 24 hours

In order to locate a pharmacy that is open 24 hours a day and where you can buy over-the-counter medications that you may need at any time, and urgently need to have it for a patient who may be hospitalized, here is a list.

 CVS pharmacies

They have stores in all cities in the United States, they have the quality of being open 24 hours a day, with all their areas active for their users. Through this link you can locate the store closest to your location.

Walgreens pharmacies

It also have a 24-hour system open, to find out the location of the one closest to your location.

Giant Food pharmacies

It is a recognized supermarket in the United States, and within it there is a pharmacy. This company has 165 stores in Virginia, Washington, Maryland, and Delaware. To find out which pharmacies are near your location.

Trillium Health Pharmacy

Having a 24-hour service is essential in case of solving an emergency, and the Trillium Health Pharmacy pharmaceutical group is available for your needs just when you require it. In addition, the prices are very cheap and you can access the home delivery service for free.

Jefferson Pharmacy

If you are looking for trained personnel in the area of ​​medicine, the Jefferson Pharmacy staff provides you with experience and professionalism in their work. On the other hand, it has its service 24 hours a day, discounts on medicines, delivery service, and affordable prices. Don’t forget to ask about your health insurance!

Jewel-Osco Pharmacies

It has 180 drug stores throughout Illinois, Iowa and Indiana, and is open 24 hours a day. To know their location you must enter on website.

Rite Aid Pharmacies

It has more than 2,500 stores in several states across the country, and many of its pharmacies are open 24 hours a day.

Kaiser Permanente

The Kaiser Permanente group is one of the largest and largest medical companies in the entire United States. In addition to having the pharmacy, you can access a network of specialists through its website, as well as purchase your medical plan.

Pharmacies near me with doctor

farmacia cerca de mi
farmacia cerca de mi

As we mentioned at the beginning, each pharmacy has a particular service, and this is what makes them different. For this reason, some of them include the attention of a specialist. Find farmacia cerca de mi with doctor!

Lawndale Christian Health Center Pharmacy

In this case, we will start with Lawndale Christian Health Center Pharmacy. This pharmacy has multiple locations throughout the country, and you have access to consult a specialist if needed.

On the other hand, the pharmacy has very good prices on its products and a wide list of services that benefit your health.

Ethos Pharmacy

Ethos Pharmacy is highly recommended by its patients, thanks to the excellent care, care and dedication of the staff, being professional and friendly at all times. Through the website you can rewrite your medical prescription and request home service.

Genoa Healthcare

Ending with Genoa Healthcare, we highlight that this pharmaceutical chain is responsible for providing comprehensive medical services, such as drug coverage, assistance from a specialist, and monitoring of chronic diseases.

Pharmacies near me that speak Spanish

If you still cannot communicate in English, here you can locate some pharmacies that speak Spanish.

Jorge’s Pharmacy

Find a pharmacy near you that speaks Spanish like Jorge’s Pharmacy. In this botequería you will find the staff in charge of solving any doubts you may have regarding any medication. In addition, the professionalism and kindness of its staff is notorious and outstanding.

Panacea Rx Pharmacy

Panacea Rx Pharmacy provides you with prompt, professional, and friendly service. Although it is a retail network, you can find just what you need. On the other hand, the prices of medicines are affordable. Finally, here you can count on the support of an expert in case you have doubts.


Ending with the pharmacies near me that speak Spanish, we close with the Walgreens chain. This pharmacy provides you with multiple advantages such as discounts on health products, consultation with a specialist, home delivery, and trained Spanish-speaking staff.

Best Pharmacies in the United States

The most important pharmaceutical companies in the United States are real empires that are worth more than 900 million dollars, and this is due to the fact that they market their products not only throughout the country, but also in various countries around the world.

The success of the pharmacies that we mention below, lies in the healthy lifestyle trend of Americans and millions of people in the world, who yearn to reduce their chronic conditions such as sugar, alcohol and tobacco.

We can mention the following pharmacies as the most important in this country.

  • johnson&johnson
  • Merck & Co.
  • Pfizer
  • Abbott
  • Amgen


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