Negative effects of technology on our health


Technology has proved to be an amazing asset for the wellbeing of human beings both in terms of their mental and physical wellness as well as their overall success in the world. Without Technology, there will be no advancements in the whole world. Technology has benefits as well as some negative effects which we will discuss in this article. Now a day, everybody’s has access to Internet which can provide you all the necessary information regarded your interest. 

How Technology will negatively affect our health?

Regardless of unlimited benefits of Technology, surely there will be some negative effects of Technology on our health. Technology affects our health & body in some ways. Here we will discuss some common ways by which technology will affect our health:

Cell phones: 

Do you know your cell phones which you carry in your hands can also affect your health in some ways? It contains a number of bacteria on its surfaces which will ultimately transfer to your body when you touch the phone. Bacteria are present everywhere in our surrounding in public places which will be transferred to mobiles and then to our bodies. When you will touch your phone these bacteria will cause irritation, acne or other discomfort to your health. 

Wi-Fi exposure: 

Now a day, it has become a trend to use laptops to carry around everywhere, when you place these laptops in your lap, the heat directly released from the laptop can cause some irritation & allergy to your thighs. Moreover, it will also affect the reproductive health. Wi-Fi produces some dangerous electromagnetic waves that are not good or our health. They will reduce the sperm count in males, so their sexual health is affected. Moreover, these signals cause damage to your DNA. 

Spinal cord problems:

You use Laptops and mobile phones throughout the day. This will cause long term damage to you spinal cord. You will start having back pains early in your life. When you constantly look at the screens of mobiles and Laptops, it will put some more pressure on your neck and eyes. It will affect the quality of your life. You will face more stature issues in your future. You will have a bent postures in your later age. In addition, your eyesight will also be affected. 

Effect on your eyes:

We cannot deny this fact that when we use mobile and laptops for more time in a day, it physical wellness affects our eyes. It will cause some pain and irritations in your eyes. So it will also cause migraines or headaches in some people. When you pay too much attention to screens, it builds pressure. As a result, you will come in tension. This is called tension headache. Screens made us sit on the sofa or couch all the day. We become a couch potato because you take all your work from these gadgets. You will become mentally sick. You will start isolating yourself from others. You will become exclusionist. 

However, you can you can avoid all these problems just if you use technology in an effective way. 


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