Is technology making our lives easy or tough?


Over the past few years, human beings have experienced most pronounced changes in almost all fields of life like social, economical, politics & technology. But among all aspects, the changes and developments are more profound in technology.

Due to this technology, men conquered the heights of skies with the aircrafts they invented, these aircrafts travel at a very fast speed. In this time period, men also discovered terrestrial world. The men of that time discovered and collect a lot of information about any possibility of life happening there. World also discovered wireless radio, which is the invention of Marconi. Inventions like TV, radio and WWW (Worldwide web) has turned the world into a global village. Moreover advances in medicine and health services have ensured the quality life expectancy to the human beings from the last 30 years. 

Despite of hundred of inventions the question is that: “does the technology & science make life easier and convenient? Or does life was better before this technology?

These questions cannot be answered by just few lines, it needs an appraisal. The things, technology & science have a combine influence on the life of human toady. We will discuss some fields one by one:

Medical sphere:

If we talk about medical sciences, there is an unrivalled development in all fields such as pharmaceuticals, surgery & diagnosis. When an individual is sick, the advances in medical field are able to restore the human health. The untreated diseases in the past are now treatable such as polio etc. these plague disease can be treated by injections or vaccinations. Now, dying from such disease is almost impossible. Due to these medical and health advances, the life expectance has surely improved. 


Now we will talk about production. In the past few years the level of productivity was quite low, all the productions was used at all. Men used the man-made tools and equipments to produce food. But as the time passed, the demands for food started increasing, and then men introduced technology to increase the food production, so that the needs of food for growing population can be satisfied. 

Technology brought an agrarian revolution in the field of crop production. Now because of Technology, men can produce a large variety of other raw commodities. They can also store food for future usage. 

Industrial era: 

There has been an industrial revolution in the history of mankind. In 19th century, this revolution enables the men to produce goods & commodities for the convenience of human beings. As a result of this Technology, mobile phones, vehicles, and other things are in reach of humans. It has made human life more comfortable & convenient than ever before. 


Due to advances in Transport, men are able to cover huge distances. He can also cover distances on skies and on seas. The automobiles, jets, sea ships, & air planes have made the human life more comfortable. 


Lastly, we can say that science & technology has made the human able to use the limited resources available to provide benefit to all. Now it is clear that science & technology has made life more simple and easy than it was before the


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